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Re: Re: Seeto Clan

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Posted by Richard Seeto ( on August 13, 2008 at 21:40:04:

In Reply to: Re: Seeto Clan posted by jeremy seeto on May 18, 2007 at 05:04:25:

Dear Jeremy,

I am very pleased that you have shown such an interest in the smallest of Chinese Clans, the SEETO Family Clan.

I have both the energy and the time to write such a book and history but I need the support of fellow Seeto members who are willing and able to supply me with any bits of relevant history regarding our clan.

So far, I have not found too many willing participants. Could it be because of the Chinese inherent suspicion or envy that if one of them do well in anything, they will think that they have stolen their thunder?

In the autumn of my years, the things I find most important in my life is the validation, propagation and promotion of the Seeto Family name and to have a written history of the roots of our revered ancestors.

As you know, though our clan is a small one, in terms of achievement in social and worldly affairs, we have achieved much but who is to know which Seeto has done what notable things?

Money is important but to have a written reference for my family and children as a guidepost for them and their children and posterity is most important.

In my father's ancestral home in Qwai Bek Lay village in Hoiping, on each side of the altar in the main lounge, are two old banners, bearing the messages:-

"Revere and honour your ancestors and forbears, for they are the ones who gave you your life and the good things for which you enjoy.

Follow in their footsteps and do good deeds
And your life will improve with abundance.
Your life will be rewarded and it will increase like a roaring fire!
God bless our family!"

For any Seeto clan member who may read this post. Ponder upon this: What makes a human being different from an animal? Surely, it is that we humans have a written history and we revere and appreciate our ancestors who pass on down to us through time and experience, the collective knowledge and wisdom in order that we can enjoy a good life and perpetuate our family.

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