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™ (xu2) Where to Start?

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Posted by Rupert Su ( on October 10, 2007 at 15:16:41:


My surname is ™ (xú, xu2). My generation name is F (xiào, xiao4). My father's generation name is Kien (sorry, I do have a character to assist). We are Hokkien.

I'm trying to trace my roots but I'm not really sure where to start. As far as I know my family (as far back as my paternal grandfather) come from the Fujian Province but whereabouts exactly I'm not sure.

I always thought my grandfather was born in Malaysia but I recently heard from other sources that he could've migrated from China as a young man.

It would be great if I could actually determine genealogy and trace as far back as possible but I'll be happy to settle for the family village so I can trace for the Family Book and possibly any burial sites etc.

Any guidance or pointers appreciated.

-Rupert Su (Sydney, Australia).

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Subject: Re: ™ (xu2) Where to Start?


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