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Chin Fook Lum

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Posted by Stacey ( on October 09, 2007 at 13:02:49:

My husband’s grandfather’s name was Chin Fook Lum DOB bw 1895-1905. From Canton Chain. Migrated to Trinidad & Tobago b/w 1929-1930 as a proprietor. Died in Trinidad in 1939.

He got married to a Guyanese woman in Trinidad and had one child, when she was young he took her back to Canton where his first wife took care of the first child while his other wife (mother) was working the rice fields when the child turn five in 1939 she ran away to some bridge where she got onto a gum boat that brought her back to Trinidad and when she was running the bridge blow up... I don' know if all this information is true but it is all the information she could remember her mother telling her....we want to visit but don't know where to go to ....

What I am trying to find out is what was his first name and surname. We don't know how to read it ... Is his surname Chin and Fook lum his first name? What Village did he come from?

Amy information would be gratefully appreciated

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