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Councilor Ng?

Could Victor Ng Become Quincy’s First Asian American City Councilor?

Jul 6, 2007
by Adam Smith
Victor Ng hopes to become Quincy’s first Asian American city councilor.

Ng, age 40, filed papers to run for at-large city councilor on June 28. He said he hopes to bring Asian American political representation to Quincy, a city that is nearly 17% Asian.

A born-again Christian and the son of Chinese immigrants, Ng was born in New York but has strong connections to Chinatown. He spent much of his youth in Tai Tung Village, a subsidized housing complex on Chinatown's Tyler St.; was a member of the Chinese youth athletic club, the Boston Knights; and has coached the Boston Hurricanes, another Asian athletic club.

He said he was inspired to run for city council because of his love for the city and what he called the city’s “need for Asian representation.” “You can definitely notice the changes in Quincy, how all the new businesses are arising, and a lot of people are moving in. I take the train into work and I see all the different Asians out there,” said Ng, who recently moved to Quincy and has lived in various states in the U.S., including San Francisco and New Hampshire.

He called Quincy a fantastic place to live in and praised its mayor, William J. Phelan, calling him “very accessible.” Ng does, however, feel the city could use some improvements.

“The businesses can be more aligned and can give people in Quincy more jobs,” he said. “Quincy seems like it’s a community that likes to work in Boston and live in Quincy….We can try to make the work and jobs in Quincy more readily available. We can make it a great place for businesses to start. Instead of going to Boston, they can stay in Quincy. We can promote education and jobs in Quincy,” he said.

He is new to politics. Saying he prefers to work from the background, Ng's involvement in politics previously had been limited to helping his brother-in-law, Kent Yee, a police officer in Quincy, who had asked him to hold campaign signs and help people register to vote.

“The more I got involved in that, the more I thought, ‘You know, this community really needs an Asian face to represent [it]…someone who has background, someone who is passionate about service,” said Ng.

Ng’s interests are many. He earned a bachelor of science degree in marketing management from Northeastern University and works as a financial service specialist for the state’s board of higher education. In addition to his involvement in Chinatown athletics clubs and playing ice hockey, he’s also played guitar and bass guitar for Asian American music groups, both as a youth and an adult. Family is important to Ng, who married New Hampshire native Sadie Stanhope last year.

He said he’s inspired by his 80-year-old father, Yuk Doon Ng, a former saxophone player and businessman, who immigrated to the U.S. through Hong Kong and owned a Chinatown market in the early 1970s. “I admire my father the most,” said Ng. “He is a sweetheart of a guy….He was a very sincere, kindhearted person.” His father, he said, is excited about his run for the city’s legislative office. “For me to run for office here in Quincy, he is more than proud. He is beaming with excitement and energy.” Ng said his 77-year-old mother, Choi Ha Lee Ng, a former seamstress who also immigrated to the U.S. from China, “is a pure, loving Christian.”

While he expressed no specific platform to run on, Ng said his allegiance is to the people of Quincy and no one else. When asked about his campaign strategy, Ng said: “Let people see who I am, by door-to-door knocking. I want to meet everyone in Quincy. I want to show them that not all Chinese folks are restaurant owners and laundry-mat people…Asians have always been the stereotypical restaurant owner or computer geek, so I am a normal guy, a regular citizen, whose aspirations have changed and wants to serve more, and hopefully that message can resonate out to people who meet me.”

Dave Murphy, a spokesperson for Mayor Phelan, said the mayor knows of Ng and feels he "certainly has a bright future." Murphy said the mayor “wouldn't get into endorsing one candidate or the other,” but that he feels Ng “has a lot of great skills” he would bring to the race.

Ng won't be the first Asian American to run for Quincy City Council. Jimmy Liang, a businessman and restaurateur in Quincy, ran twice, once in 2001 and then again in 2003, but lost each time.

"Victor has decided to run and I feel really good about that,” said Liang, who told the Sampan there is a strong chance he, too, will enter the council race.



Victor Ng:第一位亞裔昆士市市議員?

Jul 6, 2007
【本報記者史亞當報導楊陽編譯】今年四十歲來自紐約的Victor Ng六月二十八日正式開始競爭昆士市議員。他表示,希望他的競選能使自己成為這個有著將近17%亞裔人口的城市的亞裔代表。

作為華裔移民的後代以及基督徒,Ng雖然在美國很多地方都居住過,甚至還在法國居住過將近一年,但他一直與華埠有著緊密的聯繫。他少年時候居住在波士頓華埠泰勒街的大同村;曾經是Boston Knights華裔少年運動俱樂部(Chinese youth athletic club)的一員;並且曾在另外一個亞裔運動俱樂部Boston Hurricanes裏任教。

他覺得這個城市是個絕好的居住地,並且他認為昆士市市長William J. Phelan 是一個“很平易近人”的人。 但是Ng同時也覺得昆士市也有一些不盡如人意,需要改進的地方。


表示將忠實只于昆士市民們的Ng,在政治上還是個新手。希望從背景入手做工作的他說,在此之前他在政治方面的經歷只局限於幫助他為昆士市員警的妹夫Kent Yee舉競選標牌,並幫助人們註冊投票。


Ng的興趣很廣泛。他本科畢業于東北大學市場管理專業,隨後在州高等教育委員會擔任經濟專員。除去他參與在華埠運動俱樂部的活動以及打冰球以外,他在青少年時期以及成人以後還為亞裔音樂團體Contempo以及Mass Way Band演奏吉他和貝斯。



談到競選策略,Ng 讓人們看見我是誰,我會一家一家地去拜訪,我希望能與昆士市每一個見面。我想讓大家知道,並不是每一個華裔都是開餐館或者是洗衣店的。亞裔在人們的印象中不是開餐館的就是搞電腦的書呆子,我是一個普通人,一個普通公民,我希望能做更多的(為社區)服務的工作,希望那些與我見了面的人對這一點有所共鳴。”

市長Phelan的發言人Dave Murphy說,市長認識Ng 並且也覺得他“絕對會有一個明朗的未來”。Murphy說市長“不能對參選人員作任何讚譽或評價”,但是他覺得Ng“具有很多優秀技能”可以用來造福于亞裔人群。

Ng並不是第一個參與昆士市議員競選的亞裔。昆士市餐館老闆以及商人Jimmy Liang曾在2001年以及2003年兩次參與競選,但均告失敗。