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Humankind has not woven the web of life.
We are but a thread within it.
Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.
All things are bound together.
All things connect.

-Chief Seattle
of the
Mandan Indian tribe-

Wishing all who pass here,good fortune.

Ben Bowen coat of arms

- Fortune Favors the Bold -

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Bowenshire is an area that may be of interest to the members of Bowen clans worldwide.
Inside Bowenshire is placed information pertaining to Bowen family history, related historical persons,places and events as well as contributed information.

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The Exploits of  Willis' Battalion Texas Cavalry
of Waul's Texas Legion C.S.A.

 William M. Bowen rode with this active Battalion of Texas Legionaires, serving with and riding shoulder to shoulder with William Bedford Forrest and McCulloch of the 2nd Missouri among others, they faced Grant and Sherman and served until the end of the bitter end of the war of Northern aggression.
 William M. Bowen's son James Lawrence Bowen, married his cousin Dora Alice Bowen, daughter of William's brother Abraham and wife Adeline
( Prudence Courtney )Rice
. James and Dora had nine children, the first of whom was Seymour Courtney Bowen who married Bessie Myrtle Phillips who had three children one of which was Wayne Lanier Bowen who married Ruth Romanos-Chapa who are the father and mother of your humble author and maintainer of this site. 

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John Perry Bowen Papers
( re : John Perry Bowen, Reece Bowen & Wylde Lyde Latham Bowen. )

Archaeologists :
Digging into the past of enslaved blacks

at the old
William Bowen plantation
( The Bowen - Campbell house)
have discovered what is believed to be
the kitchen of a slave cabin.


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The Duke family file
William M.Bowen (1836-1915) married
Mahala Duke (1850-1928) in
Guadalupe County Texas on
October 12, 1868.
Mahala is the daughter of
David Dukes & Matilda Killingworth.
[ William & Mahala group sheet ]

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This location which was once and is now once again occupied by the Bowen Family web site authored by Benjamin L. Bowen

March, 2013

 Although I have not done much new work on the Bowen Family Web in some years, I think that perhaps some of the information contained herin has no expiry date so despite the techcnical issues such as  page displays, bad links or ancient banner ads maybe there are those that can get some use out of the stuff I have placed here.
Poke around and if you get lost head on over to the to the table of contents. [ Table of Contents ]
 Please be advised that I am not a genealogical researcher or investigator, that I do not do research into the lines of others. I can not track down your long lost Bowen friend from college or the war, or your Aunt or adopted sister. If you are related to me, in some way have information concerning or corrections to information ( which is over 10 years old now) of our clan please drop me a line and let me know.

 Benjamin L.Bowen

 R.I.P Uncle Bubba AKA Clarence Neal Bowen

Clarence Neal Bowen, age 90, passed away on August 5, 2012.  Clarence was born on June 2, 1922 in Cuero, Texas to Seymour and Bessie Phillips Bowen.  He and Damaris Terrell Bowen were married almost 70 years before her death in March of 2011.  Our beloved Papoo is also survived by three of his four children; Ginger Bowen, Marlene Fruth, Bill Bowen and his wife Laura. They all live in the Houston area.  His daughter Sylvia Bowen Barker pre-deceased him in 1999.  He is also survived by his sister, Shirley Bowen Thornhill, who lives in Buena Vista, Colorado with her husband, Jerry Thornhill. His brother, Wayne Bowen, pre-deceased him in 1997.  Papoo had six grandsons and one granddaughter; Wes Richey, Toby Richey, Greg Barker, Matthew Barker, Danny Bowen, Joey Bowen and Sarah Fruth. He is also survived by eleven great-grandchildren.  Clarence worked for years for several South Texas newspapers. He worked at the San Antonio Light and the Express. He last worked at the Houston Post.  Friends and family are invited to join us for a memorial service at St. Luke's United Methodist Church , 6856 Bellaire on Friday, August 17, 2012 at 4:00 pm.  In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to CCSC Gethsemane Campus food pantry. 

Written by Ginger Bowen

The information placed on this site is primarily concerning the Bowen family genealogy of my Tennessee > North Carolina > Illinois > Texas Bowen clan.

My Bowen clan has been traced back to Cannon County Tennessee,Bertie County North Carolina,White and Jefferson Counties in Illinois and then on to Dewitt, Lavaca, Bexar, Goliad, Caldwell (and beyond) Counties In Texas.If you are trying to trace down ancestors with the names of Joshua Bowen,Margaret Cobb, Green Bowen,Anna Gann, Green Bowen Jr,a few other cousin Greens' and Joshuas' as well as well as Eliza Bowen,Elizabeth Bowen,Mary Ann Bowen,Abraham Bowen, Andy Bowen,David Bowen,Ganum Bowen,Anna Bowen, Betsy Bowen,Ruth A. Bowen, James Lawrence "Lonnie" & Dora Bowen, Seymour & Bessie Bowen, you just may be one of the amazing...
descendants of Joshua Bowen and Margaret Cobb 

: Collateral Lines :
Cobb / Fobar / Duke / Rice / McBride / Phillips / Romanos-Chapa

Be advised, I do also place information of other Bowen clans or of Bowen family historical events. If information is sent to me it may be placed either in an edited or in it's complete form in an appropriate section of the Bowen family web site. The intention is to help family members of the various Bowen clans to connect and fill in the missing spaces of their family trees or simply provide information concerning those with the surname of Bowen.If you send me information and you do not want either the information itself or your contact information included please let me know.

We attempt to place only factual information as we know it. We of course may be incorrect as we gather data from many sources. We place our sources on the pages themselves. If you have alternative information or notice an error please let us know.
We suggest that researchers should use any information gathered here as a guide or road map and should independently verify that information before it is accepted as bona-fide fact.

Please read the
[ Standards of research ] information sheet.




Ben, good to hear from you again....

....Pawpaw ( Seymour Courtney Bowen) was 65 years old in 1962 and he retired on social security at that time but he kept working part-time for a while. Abraham ( Bowen) married widowed Adeline ( Prudence Courtney )Rice after her husband Oliver Rice died. Abe was eleven years younger than she was. She had four children by Oliver and then she had three Bowen children by Abe and they raised them all as one big happy family.

Our claim to fame is through Adeline. Her grandfather was Seymour Garey who came to Texas in 1839 and received a land grant in Gonzales county which was split in two to make Dewitt county and Gonzales county and his land was then in Dewitt county. And you will remember that his son, Elijah Garey was killed at San Antonio at the battle of Salado creek in 1842 when Santa Anna sent General ( Adrian Woll ) back into Texas to try to recapture San Antonio.
He in buried in a common grave with the others in La Grange (Texas). Sam Houston is reported to have attended the interment ceremony. There is a large standing Tombstone with his and the others names inscribed.You may make a rubbing of his name if you like. I did.

Uncle Bubba



Quote of the hour:

" The Lord has made room for us."

Richard ( Bowen), the emmigrant, settled in Roxbury, MA. near Boston, 1640. In 1643 some 40 families including his, under the leadership of their pastor, Rev. Samuel Newman, left Roxbury and penetrated the unbroken wilderness and formed a new settlement some 50 miles to the south and named it Rehoboth signifying "the Lord has made room for us." This town is about 8 miles east of Providence and in the "Newman cemetery" lie the remains of Richard Bowen and some of his descendants.

(Genealogical Exchange, Mar 1911, p 81.) & [ ]



from the probate records of Albina S. Blue Bowen
for the estate of Green Bowen (b.1837-d.1869)


To the Hon. Wm.Thomas Judge of the County Court
of White County, in the State of Illinois.

The Petition of the undersigned Albina S Bowen
respectfully represents that Green Bowen late of the
County of White aforesaid, departed this life at ("
at" is struck through)in said County, on or about the 28th day of OctoberA.D. 1869,leaving no last will and testament as far as your petitioner knows or believes.

And this Petition futhur shows that the said Green Bowen died, siezed and possessed Real and ("Real and" is struck through) Personal Estate, consisting chiefly of
2 horses- 1 cow - 13 sheep - 4 hogs - about 12 acres of corn in the field & household & kitchen furniture & a few farming implements

Estate of of Green Bowen (1837-1869) / Adminisrator's Bond

Request for Letters of Administration in the matter of Green Bowen's estate
filed by Albina S.Bowen October 28th,1869

Letters of Administration in the matter of Green Bowen's estate
granted to Albina S.Bowen November 4th,1869

Sale Bill for the estate of Green Bowen 1869


The History of Rockingham County, New Hampshire.

"Tradition has it that these Indians when at Boscawen in 1753 at a place
known as Indian Bridge, they stopped with Peter Bowen and got very drunk
on rum; while in that condition boasted they had killed three persons, two
men and a woman in Nottingham. They said the woman was 'big' and
when they were killing her she 'blatted like a calf.' They spent the night
with one Peter Bowen; while they were asleep Bowen drew the bullets from
their guns, fearing they might attempt to shoot him. In the morning they
wanted him to carry their packs on his horse and not daring to refuse he
complied with their request. The names of these Indians were Sabatis and
Plausawa. Sabatis proposed that he and Bowen have race and Bowen
consented, but allowed Sabatis to outrun the horse. As they went along and
came near the river, Sabatis proposed another race with the horse; this time
Bowen got a little ahead of Sabatis, when he heard a gun snap behind him
and turning saw the smoke of Sabatis' gun aimed at his head.- Leaping from
his horse he plunged his tomahawk into Sabatis' head and killed him. Plau-
sowa aimed and fired at Bowen, but did no damage as the bullet had been
removed by Bowen the night before. Bowen then attacked Plausowa and
killed him. This was down in the road near the Merrimack River.
"Bowen was afterwards indicted by the grand jury at Portsmouth for
having killed the Indians without proper cause to justify him, but a crowd
assembled about the jail the night before the trial and broke it open and
released Bowen. It is said that Nottingham men had a hand in the work
of breaking open the jail; everybody seemed to be satisfied that justice had
been done in releasing him, as the people believed the Indians had been pun-
ished as they deserved.

Read more : [ John Bowen of Boscawan New Hampshire, Peter Bowen & the murder in 1753 of the two indians,Sabatis and Plausawa., Nottingham New Hampshire in Indian times and a related story : Captivity of Mrs.McCoy ]


- Bowen History -

Jeannie Frazier

" These wonderful mountain men of Virginia, fresh from their battles with Indians, dressed in buckskin, hair long, feather's on the ends of their rifles, came whooping and hollering with a combination of Indian War whoops and Highland battle cries that scared the daylights out of the British troops, waiting on King's mountain. They ( *The British under Ferguson) were routed so badly that they never did recoup.

Lt. Rees Bowen was killed, William Bowen when hearing his brother was downed, went crazy, running to find his brother hoping that it was not to late. As he ran to where his brother had fallen, a sentry yelled, demanding the password of the day. William so distraught, couldn't make sense of what the man was yelling and actually forgot the password. When they were about to shoot it out, an officer, recognizing William grabbed him, bringing him back to his senses. They hugged, grateful for not having to shoot each other, but distraught about finding his brother....... "

[ More about the Bowen clan of Tazewell,Virginia ]

* According to an interview of Jimmy Carter, discussing his new book
The Hornet's Nest : A Novel of theRevolutionary War, the majority , if not all of the "British" under Ferguson, with the exception of the officers were Americans' Loyal to the King.





Green Bowen cattle brand


The Bowen family web was updated (slightly) in March of 2013