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The Bobbitt Family In America

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Stephen Bobbitt and his family were counted in the 1830 census. We believe that it is the complete family who lived to maturity. 

Stephen Bobbitt:

1 male 5 10 (1820-1825)            2 females under 5 (1825-1830) 

1 male 10 15 (1815-1820)           1 female 5 10 (1820-1825) 

1 male 20 30* (1800-1810)          1 female 10 15 (1815-1820)* 

1 male 40 50 (1780-1790)           1 female 30 40 (1790-1800)

*The male 20 to 30 is James Elliott, a close friend of the family and a laborer for the Stephen Bobbitt family. He later married Mary Ann L. Bobbitt who is the female 10 - 15. The birth pattern of the children indicates that several children died young.

Mary Ann L. Bobbitt    born 1815 North Carolina

John Bobbitt           born 1816 North Carolina

Nancy Bobbitt          born 1817 North Carolina

Drury Bobbitt          born 1818 North Carolina

James Bobbitt          born 1819 North Carolina

Emily Bobbitt          born 1821 North Carolina

Thomas Bobbitt         born 1822 North Carolina

Rebecca Bobbitt        born 1825 Tennessee 

Martha Bobbitt         born 1830 Tennessee


Mary L. Bobbitt married James Elliott on February 27, 1831. They were married by Nicholas Scales, a justice of the peace and the bondsman for the marriage was Hardway Alston, believed to have been a cousin of Stephen Bobbitt. James Elliott was appointed by Stephen Bobbitt as executor of his estate. Stephen Bobbitt died on May 25, 1831.

On June 6, 1832, Elizabeth (Bradley) Bobbitt married John Glenn. Elizabeth was born in 1796 and was 36 when she married John Glenn. We are not certain of the relationship of John Glenn to Martha Glenn who married, John Bobbitt, son of Elizabeth and Stephen Bobbitt.

Mary Ann L. Bobbitt    m. James Elliott Feb. 27, 1831

John Bobbitt           m. Martha Glenn Mar. 3, 2836 

Sarah Bobbitt          m. James W. Walker Sep. 24, 1846

Thomas Bobbitt         m. Elizabeth Walker Feb. 3, 2842


John and Thomas Bobbitt and their families migrated to Rusk County, Texas. Probably some of the families of their married sisters migrated with them. Elizabeth (Bobbitt) Glenn lived out her life in Williamson County.

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