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RANDOLPH BOBBITT 1769 1819 Lucy Leftwich Bobbitt died between July 19, 1788 and October 27, 1788. Her ' will was probated and William Bobbitt her son put CAMPBELL COUNTY KENTUCKY 1810 Elijah Bobbitt bought land in Martin County, Indiana where he married and eventually made his home. RANDOLPH BOBBITT 1796 - 1876 Randolph Bobbitt and his family lived near the family of his uncle, Caleb Bobbitt, in Pulaski County Kentucky. Caleb died in 18 From various records we know the year of birth for each of the children born before 1840. The children were: In 1845 Randolph Bobbitt was living in Howard County Missouri. On March 12, 1846, Randolph Bobbitt married Jane Elkins, a widow Here, again, is the family of Randolph Bobbitt and Rachel Phillips, and Ellen Phillips, or of Rachel Ellen Phillips. James W. Bobbitt married Levaney Burton on September 20, 1857 in Howard County Missouri. In 1858 they had a son whom they named ROBERT L. BOBBITT 1790 - 1864 Robert and Dicey Bobbitt had four sons between 1813 and 1820. Their only other child was a daughter born between 1815 and 1820. Robert Bobbitt and his family was listed in the 1860 census of Carroll County Virginia. They were counted on June 13, 1860 as f In 1850 the census of Carroll County counted the families of Robert and Dicey Bobbitt, and the son of James and Rosanna Bobbitt Census of 1880, Cairo, Randolph County, Missouri. Anderson IV. Bobbitt married Elizabeth M. Mallory on March 9, 1841 in Grayson County, Virginia. There is no record of Anderson RUFUS WILLIAM BOBBITT AND MARY (WILLIAMS) BOBBITT OF NICHOLAS COUNTY RUFUS WILLIAM BOBBITT 1826 - 1872 Son of John and Permelia Bobbitt The families were listed in the Nicholas County census records of 1860 as: After James Tolliver Bobbitt, son of Tilman Bobbitt married, he went to work on the farm of Rufus Bobbitt. Joseph Alderson Bobb Before Rufus and Jane married, they entered into a legal agreement which stated that neither they or the children of Rufus coul In this table are the children of Rufus and Mary Elizabeth The sons of Rufus and Mary Elizabeth Bobbitt were listed in the 1900 census. The census gives the month and year of birth of ea 562 1.394 ROBERT LEE BOBBITT 1888 - 1972 "He spent some time in the Army, enlisting as a private and coming out in 1917 as a Captain in the Field Artillery. During this When Robert Lee was thirty years of age, he married Miss Belle Westbrook of Laredo, Texas. The marriage was performed on April Elected president of his law class. Elected chancellor of the law class. Chosen member of Phi Delta Phi legal fraternity becaus "At the State Democratic convention in Galveston, Judge Bobbitt delivered a masterpiece in his keynote address. He was applaude "There is no denying the excellence of Jimmie Allred's appointment of Robert Lee Bobbitt. In fact it is such a good appointment matter to him from the standpoint of a real opportunity to be of service to Texas, and he accepted. "I hope you will not get the impression that I have ,"gone bugs" over this family history business. The fact of the matter is t On May 12, 1972, Robert Lee was certainly feeling lonely and perhaps not very well physically. He spent the day writing many le The Texas State Legislature introduced a bill of great tribute to Robert Lee Bobbitt and made it a permament record of the Stat 57 3