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My Bingham Family Tree

Some of what follows is backed up by documents and family history (my own and others); some sub-trees are added in with the head of that family between question-marks and square brackets, since I'm not yet sure if they're in the right place; some is probability, possibility, and these last two are in italics. Corrections and, or, confirmations most welcome! There seem to be quite a few Kent BINGHAM families looking for their ancestors, and many of us may be related.

Bilingston, Kingsnorth, New Romney, (Kent), Playden (Sussex)

A. John KESBY b. 17 November 1724 Bilingston, Kent
...d. 20 September 1775 age 50 Kingsnorth, Kent
...+ Patience [--]; d. 17 February 1797 Kingsnorth, Kent
B. John KESBY b. 16 April 1749 Playden, Sussex
...d. 16 April 1819 age 70
... + Elizabeth BACK 3 April 1774 St. Nicholas, New Romney, Kent
......b. 1750 New Romney; d. 15 May 1814 Kingsnorth age 64
C. Sarah KESBY b. 1779 Kingsnorth, Kent [Playden, Sussex]; m. age 22
... + James BINGHAM 14 November 1802 Kingsnorth, Kent
The above data on this link, line goes to Australia

Bethersden, Kingsnorth, Shadoxhurst, Great Chart, Hothfield

NB: in 1901 'Shadoxhurst' was frequently written 'Shadowhurst'

1847 Kent Directory:
William BINGHAM, farmer, Bethersden
James BINGHAM, farmer, Kingsnorth
John BINGHAM, blacksmith, Kingsnorth
John & Walter KESBY, blacksmiths, Tenterden
Daniel SWAFFER & son, farmers, Munford, Kingsnorth

1. James BINGHAM b. 1778 Bethersden, Kent
...d. Kingsnorth 25 December 1857 age 79, buried Kingsnorth churchyard
...+ Sarah KESBY 14 November 1801 Kingsnorth, Kent
......d. Kingsnorth 19 April 1862 age 83
2. James BINGHAM Chr. 2 May 1802 Kingsnorth, Kent
...+ Catherine SWAFFER 25 December 1821 Kingsnorth, Kent
......1881: *lvg. Blacksmith Forge, Chart street, Great Chart, Kent
......James* BINGHAM Head b. Kingsnorth, Kent (1881: age 78, Master Blacksmith)
......Catherine* [SWAFFER]BINGHAM Wife b. Kingsnorth, Kent (1881: age 84)
3. James° BINGHAM b. c.1822 Shadoxhurst, Kent
...(1881: Farm Laborer; 1901: Grazier)
...+ Mary° Ann WALLER 5 November 1843 Shadoxhurst, Kent (W. Ashford 5/45)
......b. c.1826 Woodchurch, Kent
...1881:° lvg. Hornash, Shadoxhurst, Kent
......1901: lvg. Shadowhurst, Kent
......Mary BINGHAM age 74 b. Woodchurch, Kent
4. James BINGHAM b. c.1843 Shadoxhurst, Kent (Ag. Lab.)
...+ Harriet WATSON 18 December 1864 Shadoxhurst, Kent
......b. c.1845 Shadoxhurst, Kent
......1881: lvg. Cottage Leacon, Westwell, Kent
[5. David & Eliza BINGHAM b. 4Q 1865 (W. Ashford 2a/600)]
[...Eliza BINGHAM b. c.1864 Shadoxhurst, Kent]
[...1881: lvg. Cowleese, Westwell, Kent - General Servant to:]
[......David BROWN b. c.1841 Shadoxhurst, Kent (Farmer)]
[......& wife Jane b. c.1835 Woodchurch, Kent]
5. Mathew J. BINGHAM b. c.1867 Shadoxhurst, Kent
5. Susan BINGHAM b. c.1869 Shadoxhurst, Kent
5. Caroline BINGHAM b. c.1872 Shadoxhurst, Kent
5. Mary BINGHAM b. c.1874 Shadoxhurst, Kent
5. Edwin BINGHAM b. c.1876 Shadoxhurst, Kent
...1901: lvg. Broomfield, Kent (Ordinary Agricultural Labourer)
5. Alice BINGHAM b. c.1878 Shadoxhurst, Kent
5. [David] BINGHAM b. c.
5. Frederick BINGHAM b. c. 1883-4
...1901: lvg. Cuxton Entire, Kent
...James BINGHAM age 57 b. Shadoxhurst, Kent
...(Ordy Agricultural Labourer)
...Frederick BINGHAM age 17 b. Westwell, Kent
...(Horse Driver in Chalk Quarry)
4. George* BINGHAM b. c.1845 Shadoxhurst, Kent (Wheelwright)
...d. 10 December 1928 age 82 years
...+(1) Martha MILLS; d. 22 February 1878 age 28
......(father: John MILLS, mother: Martha MORRIS)
......1881:* lvg. Village Green, Shadoxhurst, Kent
......(1881: lodger (U), Agricultural Laborer: George* BINGHAM b. c.1850 Kingsnorth, Kent)
......(1881: lodger (U), Graizer 30 Acres: George* ROLFE b. c.1851 Shadoxhurst, Kent)
5. George* BINGHAM b. c.1872 Shadoxhurst, Kent
...1891: Village, Shadoxhurst, Kent (Apprentice Wheelwright)
...+ Annie Mary HART c.2Q 1895 reg. West Ashford, Kent
......1901: 4 York Terr. Beaver, Ashford, Kent (Wheelwright Carpenter)
5. Jesse* BINGHAM b. c.1874 Charing Heath, Kent
...(1881 Wheelwright; 1901: b. Egerton, Journeyman Wheelwright)
...+ Annie Beatrice C. H. BINGHAM (See BEECHING on this page)
6. [?Jessamine BINGHAM b. c.1898 Shadoxhurst, Kent?]
5. Percy* BINGHAM b. c.1876 Little Chart, Kent
...1901: Pound House, Shadoxhurst, Kent (Painter)
...d. 11 June 1918 age 42
5. James* BINGHAM b. c.1878 Little Chart, Kent; d. 10 July 1896 age 18
...+(2) Mary* Susanna(h) MILLS 23 February 1880 Shadoxhurst, Kent
......b. c.June 1860 Shadoxhurst, Kent; d. 19 March 1941 age 81
......(father: John MILLS, mother: Catherine Harriet MORRIS)
......Bingham Morris line here
......1881: *lvg. Village Green, Shadoxhurst, Kent
5. Martha* Bingham BINGHAM b. c.1879 Shadoxhurst, Kent; d. 12 May 1900 age 21
5. Mary BINGHAM b. c.1882 Shadoxhurst, Kent
...1901: lvg. Pound House, Shadoxhurst, Kent
5. Frank BINGHAM b. 1884 Shadoxhurst, Kent
...(1901: Wheelwright); d. 11 October 1955 age 71
...(On the same MI as Mary Susannah, Shadoxhurst church)
5. Kate BINGHAM b. c.1886; d. 11 July 1893 age 7
5. Alec BINGHAM b. c.1888 Shadoxhurst, Kent
5. Bertha BINGHAM b. c.1892 Shadoxhurst, Kent
5. Esther BINGHAM b. c.1894 Shadoxhurst, Kent
5. Maggie BINGHAM b. 1898; d. 20 March 1979 age 81
...(On the same MI as Percy)
...?[Mary BINGHAM b. Shadoxhurst c.1848]?
...[+ Frederick WATSON b. c.1843 Shadoxhurst, Kent Agricultural Laborer)]
......1881: lvg. Village Green, Shadoxhurst, Kent
5. Mary Ann WATSON b. c.1870 Shadoxhurst, Kent
...Bingham Watson line here
5. Henry N. WATSON b. c.1873 Shadoxhurst, Kent
5. Alfred J. WATSON b. c.1876 Shadoxhurst, Kent
4. William BINGHAM
4. Alfred° BINGHAM b. c.1857 Shadoxhurst, Kent (1881: Wheelwright)
4. Henry° BINGHAM b. c.1861 Shadoxhurst, Kent (1881: Farm Laborer)
4. Catherine° S. BINGHAM b. c.1864 Shadoxhurst, Kent
4. Horace° BINGHAM b. c.1867 Shadoxhurst, Kent
...(1881: Farm Laborer; 1901: Manager Beer Stores)
...+ Alice [--], b. c.1868 Whitstable, Kent
...(1901: Trained Hospital Nurse)
...1901: lvg. Etchingham, East Sussex
5. Elsi BINGHAM b. c.1899-1900 Hurstgreen, Sussex
4. David° BINGHAM b. c.1870 Shadoxhurst, Kent (1881: Scholar)
...m. [Mary Ann WESTON] 4Q 1890 (W. Ashford 2a/1407)
...[1881: Mary Ann WESTON lvg. Criol farm, Shadoxhurst, Kent]
...[father: John b. Warehorne, mother: Mary b. Shadoxhurst]
...1901: lvg. Ashford, Kent
...David BINGHAM age 30 b. Shadoxhurst, Ashford, Kent (General Brickfield Labourer)
...Mary BINGHAM age 27 b. Shadoxhurst, Ashford, Kent
5. [David BINGHAM age 8 b. Shadowhurst, Kent (Attending School)]
3. George BINGHAM b. c.1824, d. 25 May 1877 age 53 Shadoxhurst, Kent (Blacksmith)
...+ Rebecca CRAMP 6 July 1851 Shadoxhurst, Kent
......d. 17 December 1902 Shadoxhurst, Kent age 81
4. Mary Ann BINGHAM Chr. 2 November 1851 Shadoxhurst, Kent
4. William Henry BINGHAM b. c.1853 Shadoxhurst, Kent (Blacksmith)
4. George* BINGHAM b. 1856 Shadoxhurst, Kent (Agricultural Laborer)
...d. 23 April 1919 age 63, buried Shadoxhurst churh[yard]
...+ Elizabeth* Jane SANTER Wife b. c.1861 Great Chart, Kent
......Elizabeth Jane BINGHAM d. 25 June 1928 age 66, buried Shadoxhurst churh[yard]
...1881: *lvg. Village Green, Shadoxhurst, Kent
5. George* Henry BINGHAM b. c.December 1880 Shadoxhurst, Kent
...(1901: Agricultural Labourer)
...d. 5 November 1917 age 36
...Private, No. G/247530
...The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment), 2nd/4th Bn.
...Son of George and Elizabeth BINGHAM, of Martin House, Shadoxhurst, Ashford
...Grave/Memorial Ref: O. 66. Beersheba War Cemetery, Palestine (now Israel)
...(Commemorated on the stone with Elsie and Ellen)
5. Ellen Mary BINGHAM b. c.1883-4 Shadoxhurst, Kent;
...d. 2 February 1926 age 42
5. William Thomas BINGHAM b. c.1885-6 Shadoxhurst, Kent
...(1901: Agricultural Labourer)
5. Elizabeth Emily BINGHAM b. c.1889-90 Shadoxhurst, Kent
5. David James BINGHAM b. c.1892-3 Shadoxhurst, Kent
...(1901: Attending School)
...+ [Hilda --]
6. [Doris Hilda BINGHAM b. c.1927; d. 26 October 1942 age 15]
...(See 'Miscellany')
5. Frances Edith BINGHAM b. c.1894-5 Shadoxhurst, Kent
...(1901: Attending School)
5. Elsie Kate BINGHAM b. c.1897 Shadoxhurst, Kent;
...(1901: Attending School); d. 10 April 1908 age 11
5. Richard John BINGHAM b. c.1898-9 Shadoxhurst, Kent
4. Harriet(t) BINGHAM Chr. 6 September 1857 Shadoxhurst, Kent
...+ George BEECHING 25 October 1880 Shadoxhurst, Kent
......1881: lvg. Village Green, Shadoxhurst, Kent
......George BEECHING Head b. c.1856 Shadoxhurst, Kent (Farm Laborer)
......Harriet BEECHING Wife b. c.1856 Shadoxhurst, Kent
5. Annie B.C.H. BINGHAM Daur b. c.1876 Shadoxhurst, Kent (Scholar)
5. George H. BINGHAM Son b. c.1878 Shadoxhurst, Kent (1901: Agricultural Labourer)
...George Henry BINGHAM d. Chartham 20 May 1949 age 70 (b. 1879)
...buried in Shadoxhurst church[yard]
5. [--]
5. Bessie Mabel Jane BEECHING b. 22 October 1890, Great Chart, Kent
...Chr. 1 February 1891, Shadoxhurst, Kent
...+ William Adolphus BANKS c.3Q 1909 reg. West Ashford, Kent
...Bingham Beeching Banks line here
4. Richard James BINGHAM b. c.1859 Shadoxhurst, Kent
...(1881: Agricultural Laborer; 1901: Farmer))
4. Edward Thomas BINGHAM b. 4Q 1862 Shadoxhurst, Kent
...(1881: Master Blacksmith; 1901: Farmer, Blacksmith)
...d. 11 January 1943 age 80
...+ Maud MOUNT, b. 1880; d. 24 February 1975 age 95, buried Shadoxhurst church
5. Edith Maud BINGHAM b. 25 December 1909 Shadoxhurst, Kent; d.
...+ Reg PAINE 25 December 19__ Shadoxhurst, Kent; d.
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4. David John BINGHAM b. 4Q 1865; d. infant
3. [?]
3. Sarah* BINGHAM Chr. 21 March 1830 b. Shadoxhurst, Kent (IGI)
3. Harriet* BINGHAM Chr. 29 June 1834 b. Shadoxhurst, Kent (IGI)
?[3. Edward BINGHAM b. c.1835 Kingsnorth, Kent (1881: (U), servant, Blacksmith)]?
...1881: lvg. Queens Head Inn, Kingsnorth, Kent, working for:
...Frederick KNOWLER Head b. c.1837 Graveney, Kent (Blacksmith, Licensed Victualler)
...& family
3. William* BINGHAM b. c.1838 Shadoxhurst (Blacksmith)
...+ Emily* Sophia NORTON, b c.1840 Great Chart, Kent
...1881: *lvg. Church Yard, Frittenden, Kent
4. Marther* E. BINGHAM b. c.1867 Great Chart, Kent
4. Mary* M. BINGHAM b. c.1870 Westwell, Kent
4. Louisa* E. BINGHAM b. c.1872 Westwell, Kent
...Emily Louisa BINGHAM
...m. [Arthur ASHBY] 4Q 1900 (Thanet 2a/2033)
4. Alf.* John BINGHAM b. c.1874 Westwell, Kent
...Alfred John N. BINGHAM
...m. [Annie Frances WHITEHEAD] 1Q 1899 (Thanet 2a/1299)
4. Minnie* M. BINGHAM b. c.1877 Westwell, Kent
4. Charlotte* BINGHAM b. c.1879 Frittenden, Kent
...Charlotte Maud A. BINGHAM b. 2Q 1880 (Cranbrook 2a/729)
4. [Edward Robert A. BINGHAM b. 2Q 1884 (Cranbrook 2a/741)]
...lvg. St. Nicholas at Wade Entire, Kent
...William BINGHAM age 62 b. Shadoxhurst, Kent (Blacksmith)
...Emily BINGHAM age 61 b. Great Chart, Kent
...lvg. wkg./lvg. Margate, Kent
...Charlotte BINGHAM age 22 b. Frittenden, Kent (Housemaid Domestic)
...lvg. St. Nicholas At Wade Entire, Kent
...Arthur ASHBY age 23 b. Ightham, Kent (Police Constable)
...Emily ASHBY age 24 b. Westwell, Kent
...lvg. St. Lawrence Extra Entire [nr. Ramsgate], Kent
...Martha BINGHAM age 33 b. Great Chart, Kent (House Keeper Dom)
...Minnie BINGHAM age 23 b. Westwell, Kent
...Edwd. BINGHAM age 17 b. Feittinden, Kent
...John BINGHAM age 26 b. West Mill [Westwell?], Kent (Yardman On Farm)
...Annie BINGHAM age 25 b. St. Lawrence, Kent
5. [Reginald BINGHAM age 5 b. Manstone, Kent]
...Minnie Maria BINGHAM age 23, spinster otp, Ramsgate, Kent
...(father: William BINGHAM, blacksmith)
...m. 28 April 1901 at St. Lawrence, Ramsgate, by banns (Thanet 2a/1979)
...Herbert Charles KEMBER age 29, bachelor (post office stamper) otp, Ramsgate, Kent
...(father: John KEMBER, decd., pilot)
...witnesses: James Lewis BAX, Charlotte Maud Annie BINGHAM
...Charlotte Maud Annie BINGHAM age 23, spinster otp, Ramsgate, Kent
...(father: William BINGHAM, blacksmith)
...m. 15 November 1901 at St. Lawrence, Ramsgate, by banns (Thanet 2a/2210)
...Lewis James BAX age 26, bachelor (blacksmith) otp, Ramsgate, Kent
...(father: James BAX, labourer)
...witnesses: William BINGHAM, Edward Robert Annakin BINGHAM
1901 St. Lawrence marriages courtesy of 'shebra'
...Edward Robert A. BINGHAM
...m. 4Q 1906 [?Lily DARBY or Mary GOLDFINCH?] (Thanet 2a/2171)
3. [?]
1881: *lvg. with Henry's parents (in bold, above):
3. Henry* BINGHAM b. 1842 Shadoxhurst, Kent (1881: Blacksmith's Son)
...(1901: lvg. Gt. Chart + family; Blacksmith)
...+ Elizabeth* [ELLIOT]BINGHAM b. 1840 Tonbridge, Kent (d. 1928)
[4. 1881: lvg. London Road, South Side Cottage, Dunkirk, Kent]
[...Henry BINGHAM (U) b. c.1860 Great Chart, Kent (Blacksmith) Nephew to:]
[...- John SWAFFER (Head, widower) b. c.1818 Kingsnorth, Kent (Black Smith)]
[...- Emily C. SWAFFER (Daur) b. c.1863 Smarden, Kent (Housekeeper, Dom House)]
[1901: lvg. Hythe, Kent]
[Henry BINGHAM age 40 b. Greatchart, Kent (Journeyman Blacksmith)]
4. Matthew Henry* BINGHAM b. 1866 Great Chart, Kent (1881/1901: Carpenter)
...(1901 lvg. Gt. Chart + family) d., buried [1918] Hothfield churchyard
...+ Sarah PRYOR 4Q 1891 (W. Ashford 2a/1372); b. 1869 [Gt. Chart] [d. 1967]
5. Henry Jack PRYOR [1901: BINGHAM] b. 1899; d. 1977
...+ Frances JENKINS
6. [--] PRYOR
6. [--] PRYOR
6. [--] PRYOR
...1901: lvg. with Henry, Matthew + families:
...-. Barling BINGHAM age 30 b. Great Chart, Kent (Rock Quarryman)
5. William James B. PRYOR b. 4Q 1891 (W. Ashford 2a/770) --> BINGHAM
...William James BINGHAM RN d. 1965 Willesborough hospital, Ashford
...buried Great Chart churchyard, Kent
...+ Evelyn Elsie LIGHT; d. 1968
...(father: George James LIGHT, mother: Eva Matilda HAYWARD)
6. [m.] BINGHAM
6. [f.] BINGHAM
5. Gertrude Ellen BINGHAM b. 1892 (1901: lvg. Great Chart)
...+ Walter LUDGATE
6. [m.] LUDGATE
6. [f.] LUDGATE
5. Thomas BINGHAM b. 1894
5. Frank BINGHAM b. 1894
5. Mabel Frances BINGHAM b. 1896 (1901: lvg. Great Chart); d. 1986
5. Eleanor Agnes BINGHAM b. [1896] (1901: Ellener, lvg. Great Chart)
...buried Hothfield churchyard, Kent
...+ Harry JARVIS
6. [m.] JARVIS
6. [m.] JARVIS
6. [--] JARVIS
5. Arthur BINGHAM b. 1897; d. 1899 [Hothfield]
5. Hilda Florence BINGHAM b. 1899 (1901: lvg. Gt. Chart); d. [1947]
...+ Sydney BROWNING
6. Ann BROWNING; d. age 2 wks.
6. Barbara BROWNING; d. age 13 mths.
6. [m.] BROWNING
5. Dorothy Beatrice BINGHAM b. 1899 (1901: lvg. Gt. Chart); d. [1988]
5. Victor Barling BINGHAM b. 1900 (1901: lvg. Gt. Chart); d. 1988 Somerset
...+ Gladies Doris GEORGE
......b. 10 September 1897 Christchurch road, Ashford, Kent
6. [f.] BINGHAM
5. Charlotte BINGHAM b./d. 1900
5. Unknown BINGHAM b./d.1902
5. Percy George BINGHAM b. 1905
...+ Grace PERCY; d. [1970]
6. [f.] BINGHAM
6. [m.] BINGHAM
6. [m.] BINGHAM
6. [m.] BINGHAM
5. Winifred Jane BINGHAM b. 14 June 1907
......d. 2 September 1982 Westmonkton, Taunton, Devon
6. [f.] HAWKINS
4. William James* BINGHAM b. c.1866 Great Chart, Kent (1881: Blacksmith)
...+ Agnes [Agnes Jane ADAMS 4Q 1898 (Romney Marsh 2a/2375)]
5. Jack BINGHAM b.
5. Mary BINGHAM b.
4. Catherine Jane* BINGHAM b. c.1871 Great Chart, Kent (d. 1942)
4. Mary Elizabeth BINGHAM b. 1874 Great Chart, Kent
...(1901: lvg. Great Chart, School Teacher)
4. Sarah Amelia* BINGHAM b. 1875 Great Chart, Kent
...+ William BINGHAM (buried Great Chart)
4. Fanny BINGHAM b. 1878 Great Chart, Kent
...(1901: lvg. Gt. Chart, Telegraphist)
...+ [--] MILLBURRY
5. Edith MILLBURRY b.
...+ H-- J--
4. George* BINGHAM b. c.July 1880 Great Chart, Kent
...(1901: Under Shepherd) d. [c.1906]
...+ [--] [--] [Bethersden, Kent]
5. [--] BINGHAM
5. [--] BINGHAM
5. [--] BINGHAM
5. [--] BINGHAM
4. Frank* BINGHAM b. c.July 1880 Great Chart, Kent (1901: Journeyman Baker)
...+ Rose SCOTCHER
3. [?]
2. Mary BINGHAM Chr. 29 January 1804 Kingsnorth, Kent
...d. Kingsnorth 19 May 1862 age 58
2. John BINGHAM Chr. 21 October 1805 Kingsnorth, Kent
...d. Kingsnorth, Kent 21 October 1863 age 58
2. William BINGHAM Chr. 21 October 1805 Kingsnorth, Kent
2. Sarah BINGHAM Chr. 10 January 1808 Kingsnorth, Kent
2. Elizabeth BINGHAM Chr. 4 June 1809 Kingsnorth, Kent
...d. 25 August [1809?] Kingsnorth, Kent
2. George BINGHAM Chr. 3 March 1811 Kingsnorth, Kent
...1881: lvg. Sump House Cottage, Kingsnorth, Kent
...George BINGHAM (Widower) age 70 b. Kingsnorth, Kent (Jobbing Labourer)
...d. 1892 West Ashford Workhouse, Kent age 80;
...buried 24 October 1892 Kingsnorth, Kent
2. Lydia BINGHAM Chr. 3 April 1813 Kingsnorth, Kent
2. Richard BINGHAM Chr. 17 September 1815 Kingsnorth, Kent
...+(1) [Elizabeth KNIGHT 4Q 1838 (W. Ashford 5/43)]
3. Richard BINGHAM b. c.1840
3. Maria BINGHAM b. c.1844
3. John BINGHAM b. c.1848
3. George BINGHAM b. c.1851
...1881: *lvg. 7 Rose Cottage, Sticketts Lane, Kingsnorth, Kent
...Richard* BINGHAM Head b. 1815 Kingsnorth, Kent (Farmer Of 11 Acres)
...[?d. 1Q 1898 age 82 (W. Ashford 2a/584)?]
...+(2) Mary* [FINN?]BINGHAM Wife age b. 1836 Kingsnorth, Kent
4. Fanny* BINGHAM b. c.1864 Dover, Kent (School Teacher)
3. George* BINGHAM Son (U) b. c.1850 Kingsnorth, Kent (Agricultural Labourer)
2. Frances BINGHAM Chr. 17 October 1819 Kingsnorth, Kent
2. Hannah BINGHAM Chr. 12 December 1824 Kingsnorth, Kent

See the 'Miscellaneous' page for BINGHAM land-tenure in Kingsnorth 1830-40.

Other Bingham families from the same areas of Kent

These branches may fit into the tree later - if they're your family or if you're researching the same line, I'd appreciate a message from you in the Guestbook - thank you.

(i) William BINGHAM [?possibly a brother of James m.Sarah?]
...+ Frances [DORRCLE] 25 May 1811 Kingsnorth, Kent
(ii) Mary Ann BINGHAM b. 10 August 1815
...Chr. 24 August 1815 Lady Huntingdons, Ashford, Kent
(ii) William Dorrell BINGHAM b. 25 July 1817..
...Chr. 7 September 1817 Lady Huntingdons, Ashford, Kent
(ii) Henry BINGHAM b. 11 May 1819
...Chr. 11 July 1819 Lady Huntingdons, Ashford, Kent
(ii) Charlotte BINGHAM b. 17 November 1825
...Chr. 9 January 1826 Lady Huntingdons, Ashford, Kent
(ii) Juliana BINGHAM b. 31 July 1829
...Chr. 18 October 1829 Lady Huntingdons, Ashford, Kent
(ii) Edward Joseph BINGHAM b. 5 July 1832
...Chr. 9 September 1832 Lady Huntingdons, Ashford, Kent
1881: lvg. Kent House, Hawkhurst, Kent
William BINGHAM b. c.1862 Great Chart, Kent (Writer & Decorator) Apprentice to:
- Charles STAPLEY Head b. c.1831 Tenterden, Kent (Plumber Decorator &c 2 Men)
- wife Margaret b. c.1834 Old Romney, Kent
- son Ernest b. c.1864 Wimbledon, Surrey (Writer & Decorator)
- son William H. b. c.1877 Southboro, Kent
- nurse girl Mary A. DUMBRELL b. c.1865 Hawkhurst, Kent
1901: lvg. London Paddington (same as William above?)
William BINGHAM age 38 b. Great Chart, Kent (General Engineer Iron & Brass)
1881: lvg. Village Green, Shadoxhurst, Kent
William BINGHAM Head b. c.1853 Shadoxhurst, Kent (Agricultural Laborer)
+ Hannah [HILLS 3Q 1876 (W. Ashford 2a/1058)], b. c.1856 Kingsnorth, Kent
- Edith BINGHAM Daur b. c.1874 Kingsnorth, Kent
- Alfred BINGHAM Son b. c.1876 Kingsnorth, Kent
- Minnie BINGHAM Daur b. c.1877 Kingsnorth, Kent
- Kate BINGHAM Daur b. c.June 1880 Shadoxhurst, Kent
1881: (U) Servant, Ag. Lab., to William MARWICK & family
at Little Engham, Woodchurch, Kent
Stephen BINGHAM b. c.1851 Frittenden, Kent
1881: lodging at Blind Groom Cott, Kingsnorth, Kent
James BINGHAM b. c.1856 Shadoxhurst, Kent (Farm Labourer), with
- Thomas HART Head b. c.1851 Tenterden, Kent (Farm Labourer)
- Mary A. HART Wife b. c.1852 Woodchurch, Kent
- Ellen M. SPAIN Daur b. c.1868 Shadoxhurst, Kent
- Annie M. HART Daur b. c.1876 Shadoxhurst, Kent
- Alice M. HART Daur b. c.1878 Shadoxhurst, Kent
See HART above.

Living next door:

1881: lvg. Magpie Hall Farm, Kingsnorth, Kent
Richard BINGHAM Head b. c.1833 Kingsnorth, Kent (Farmer Of 75 Acres)
...[d. 4Q 1910 age 77 (W. Ashford 2a/506)]
+ Ann BINGHAM Wife b. c.1836 Kenardington, Kent (Farmer Of 75 Acres Wife)
- William BINGHAM Son b. c.1859 Warehorne, Kent (Farmer Of 75 Acres Son)
- Sarah A. BINGHAM Daur b. c.1868 Warehorne, Kent
- Alfred BINGHAM Son b. c.1870 Warehorne, Kent
- Kate E. BINGHAM Daur b. c.1871 Warehorne, Kent
- Louisa BINGHAM Daur b. c.1874 Kingsnorth, Kent
  Louisa Jane BINGHAM b. 1875 Kingsnorth, Kent
  m. William BURT 1898 (West Ashford), Kent
  Louisa & William's line here
1881: "West Ashford Union", Westwell, Kent
James BINGHAM Widower b. c.1818 Ashford, Kent; Inmate (General Lab.)
m. Sarah KEMP 1 January 1842 Shadoxhurst, Kent
George BINGHAM Ltd. (Registered No. 05386265)
Pound House, Church Lane, Shadoxhurst, Ashford
Kent, TN26 1LS

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