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Land occupied by BINGHAMs as shown in the "Tithe Award Schedules" 1830-40

Kingsnorth, Kent

Sheet 1
Owner:* John ALLISTON & THOMAS Bros.

Occupier: John BINGHAM
No. 176 ... Twenty two Acres: pasture
Occupier: Richard BINGHAM
No. 475 ... ---- pasture
No. 476 ... ----
Including 6 acres of Hops.
Next: Forge and Platt; Swamp field; House and Garden.

Sheet 6
Owner:* Haberdashers Company as Governors of Aske Hospital

Occupier: James BINGHAM
No. 426 ... Stickett Wood: pasture
No. 427 ... Beech field
No. 452 ... Waggon Lodge: pasture
No. 453 ... Trendalls: pasture
No. 454 ... Lower Isaac Platt
No. 455 ... Platt
No. 456 ... Lodge and Yard: arable
No. 457 ... Platt
No. 458 ... Garden
No. 459 ... House and Garden
No. 460 ... Kiln Farm
No. 461 ... Barn and Yards: pasture
No. 462 ... Stack Platt: pasture
No. 463 ... Roads Croft: pasture
No. 465 ... House field: pasture
No. 466 ... Isaac Wood field: pasture
No. 467 ... Brigg field: pasture
No. 482 ... Long field: pasture
No. 623 ... and Lodge: arable
No. 624 ... Gate field: pasture
No. 625 ... Isaac Platt: wood
No. 626 ... High Tolls: arable
No. 646 ... Stone Streets: arable
No. 647 ... Shaw, arable
No. 648 ... Roadway: wood
No. 649 ... Platt: arable
No. 650 ... The Shotts: arable
Next: Kiln Hassock; Rock field; Wild Croft

Sheet 12
Owner:* James BINGHAM

Occupier: John BINGHAM
No. 171 ... House and Garden
No. 172 ... Lodge and Orchard: pasture
No. 173 ... Platt: pasture
No. 174 ... Lodge
* May have been mortgagees or tenants for life.

From online data courtesy of the Kent Archaeological Society

Shadoxhurst Church[yard] Memorial Inscriptions

James SWAFFER of this Parish died November 26 1732 in ye 48 years
who left issue by Mary his wife 3 sons and 1 daughter viz
James, John, Daniel and Mary.
Buried 29 July, husbandman
Mary wife of James [S]waffer died July ye 13 1779 aged 99 years.
Buried 17 July 1779.

George BINGHAM of this Parish died 25 May 1877 aged 53.
He left surviving Rebecca his wife and 6 children
Mary Ann, William Henry, George, Harriett, Richard James and Edward Thomas.
David John son of above died in infancy.

In loving memory of Martha, beloved wife of George BINGHAM, Wheelwright
who died Feb 22nd 1878 aged 28 years.
'Thy will be done'.
Also Kate, who died July 11th 1893 aged 7 years.
'Suffer little children to come unto me.'
Also James who died July 10th 1896 aged 18 years.
'Lord remember me.'
Also to the memory of George BINGHAM
late husband of Martha and Mary Susannah BINGHAM
died Dec 10th 1928 aged 82 years.
'At rest'.

In Loving memory of Martha,
eldest and beloved daughter of George and Martha BINGHAM
May 12th 1900 aged 21 years.
'Nearer my God to thee, nearer to thee.'
Also Percy died 11th June 1918 aged 42 years.
Mary Susannah 'Mother' died March 19th 1941 aged 81 years.
Remembered lovingly Frank died October 1955 aged 71.

Rebecca BINGHAM of this Parish died 17 December 1902 aged 81.

Shadoxhurst Deaths (Phil's Lookups)

George BINGHAM d. 23 April 1919 age 63 [b. 1856]
Elizabeth Jane BINGHAM d. 25 June 1928 age 66 [b. 1862]

Martha BINGHAM d. (eldest daughter of George & Mary) 12 May 1900 age 21 [b. 1879]
Percy BINGHAM d. 11 June 1918 age 42 [b. 1876]
Maggie BINGHAM d. 20 March 1979 age 81 [b. 1898]

Elsie Kate BINGHAM d. 10 April 1908 age 11 [b. 1897]
George Henry BINGHAM (son of George & Elizabeth) d. 5 November 1917 age 36 [b. 1881]
Ellen Mary BINGHAM d. 2 February 1926 age 42 [b. 1884]

Edward Thomas BINGHAM (Master Blacksmith) d. 11 January 1943 age 80 [b. 1863]
Maud BINGHAM d. 24 February 1975 age 95 [b. 1880]

George Henry BINGHAM [of Shadoxhurst] d. Chartham 20 May 1949 age 70 [b. 1879]

Alec BINGHAM d. 5 June 1963 age 74 [b. 1889]
Rusa BINGHAM d. 2 May 1974 age 81 [b. 1893]

Edith Maud PAINE (nee BINGHAM) d. 5 March 1975 age 65 [b. 1909]
Reginald PAINE d. 1977 age 68 [b. 1909]

Edward Thomas BINGHAM d. 10 August 1997 age 85 [b. 1912]
Doreen Anne BINGHAM d. 29 April 1998 age 84 [b. 1914]

Gwendeline Joyce BROWN (nee BINGHAM) d. 14 October 2000 age 81 [b. 1919]

George BINGHAM d. 1933 age 61 [b. 1878]
Annie BINGHAM d. 1968 age 91 [b. 1879]

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Memorial Inscriptions*

Biddenden Parish

John BINGHAM, 26th March 1756 aged 42. Ann Bingham, February ye 14th 1754 aged 45.

William BINGHAM of this parish, Senior, 4th April 1812 aged 82. Hannah his wife, January 29th 1773 aged 44. James their son died an infant.

William BINGHAM of this parish, 27th April 1831 aged 70. Elizabeth his wife, 11th March 1830 aged 68. Two grandchildren of above: Elizabeth Bingham, June 1827 aged 11 years: Mary Bingham, 20th February 1827 aged 5 years.

St Michaels Church, Smarden (near the north porch)

In memory of WILLIAM BINGHAM of this Parish who died 11th July 1809 aged 54 years. Also SUSAN, wife of the above William Bingham who died August 28th 1831 aged 80 years. Life is uncertain, death is sure, Sin is the wound, and Christ the Cure.

Horton Kirby

Mrs Ann BINGHAM died 25 March 1825 aged 49. Also Sarah wife of Mr Samuel MEOPHAM died 30 June 1781 aged 54. Mr Samuel Meopham died 22 June 1815 aged 72. Elisha son of the above died 8 July 1803 aged 23. Mr Richard Meopham died 12 March 1805 aged 64.

Little Chart Churchyard

(A flat stone within rails) Helen Emily wife of William Baring de Lotbiniere BINGHAM Esquire only daughter of the Hon. G. PEMBURTON of Quebec, Lower Canada, born 2nd February 1832 died at Calehill, 25th December 1860.

William Baring de Lotbiniere Bingham Esquire, born at Montreal, Lower Canada, 7th August 1832 died at Broome Park in this County, 8th March 1864. On a metal plate attached to the rails are these arms: Quarterly 1 &4 a bend cotised between six crosses pattee. On the bend an Escutchen (surmounted with a Ducal coronet) ? erm, on a chief - ? . 2 & 3 an arm issuant from dexter side, holding three arrows points down. [? Intended for Chaldecott]. Impaling a chevron between three buckets hooped and handled (Pemberton). Crest, an Eagle rising.

Hatchments in Little Chart Chapel - west wall

A large hatchment with arms of BINGHAM as above, impaling erm on a fess gules three (? billets) or.

Archaeologia Cantiana*

Parish of Dover: Adam BINGHAM deceased: grant of administration to his brother George, 18 June 1563 (Vol. 18, 1889, page 15, folio 65).

Parish of St. Martin, Canterbury: Susanna WILKINSON (sp) deceased: grant of administration to her sister Anna (alias Anna BINGHAM), 8 November 1649 (Vol. 20, 1893, page 48, folio 144).

* From online data courtesy of the Kent Archaeological Society

Roll of Honour


Private G/25960, 11th Battalion, Queen’s Own (Royal West Kent Regiment). Formerly (9741) The Buffs (East Kent Regiment).
Died 28th September 1917 aged 30 years. Born [c.1883] Kingsnorth.

From the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website:
Grave/Memorial ref: I. J. 9 - Godewaersvelde British Cemetery.
Son of William BINGHAM, of Steed's Lane, Kingsnorth, Ashford, Kent.

Kingsnorth War Memorial

Hothfield, Kent
in honour of those who served
John BINGHAM, Corporal
William* BINGHAM, Able Seaman, HMS Kennett

Hothfield Roll of Honour


Doris Hilda BINGHAM
Civilian, died 26th October 1942, age 15.
Daughter of David James and Hilda BINGHAM, of Brisley Cottage, Chart Road, Kingsnorth.
Injured at Ashford Underwear Factory; died same day at Ashford Hospital.

Ashford Civilian War Dead

* WJB considered himself a 'son' of Great Chart; however, his father had moved to Hothfield.

From Cary's 1787 Atlas

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