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Matthews/Patton / Trew
Family Reunion
Pampa, Texas
July 2002

With Special Thanks to Augusta (Matthews) Brown
For all she did to help bring the family's together

~* Back Row *~
Amy (Matthews) Sinclair, Barbara Matthews, Gerald Lewis Matthews
Bob Swift, Gladys Ellington, Ryan Minyard (Amy's Son)
~* Front Row *~
Fred & LaJohna (Ellington) Nix, Zodell (Ellington) Swift

Gerald Lewis Matthews, Buddy Patton,
Jeanette (Perrin) Coaly, E. H. Patton

                     Gerald Lewis Matthews w/ his nieces                                                Buddy Patton w/
                LaJona (Ellington) Nix & Zodell (Ellington) Swift                           Jackie (Patton) & John Rogers

                              Gerald Lewis Matthews  &                      Joyce Ann (Matthews) Keating
                              Jeanette (Perrin) Coaly                         W/ Her son and grandsons
                                                                                            ((HELP!! I need names!!!))

               Amy (Matthews) Sinclair w/ Her Dad                           Gerald Lewis Matthews
                     Gerald Lewis Matthews                                         With the daughters of Ellis Matthews
                                                                                                                  Joyce Ann (Matthews) Keating
                                                                                                    Judy (Matthews) Wood
                                                                                                    Nina (Matthews) Walker

           LaJohna (Ellington) Nix, Gladys Ellington                Ryan Minyard, w/ his Grandfather
                        Zodell (Ellington) Swift                              Gerald Matthews & Delbert Trew

        Augusta (Matthews) Brown & Sue (Gurley) Reeder                            Ruth (Brown) Fletcher,
                   Gerald Lewis Matthews                                                         Augusta (Matthews) Brown
                                                                                                                  Susan Fletcher & Leon Brown

               Daughters of Ellis & Ruby Matthews              Beryle Trew, Harold Trew & Vivian Trew

          Nina (Matthews) Walker & Harold Trew                 Delbert & Ruth (Oldham) Trew
                                                                                                Gerald Lewis Matthews

                Fred & LaJohna (Ellington) Nix                                LaJohna (Ellington) Nix
                    Gladys Ellington                                                 Gladys Ellington
            Zodell (Ellington) & Bob Swift                                    Zodell (Ellington) Swift

           Joyce Ann (Matthews) Keating                      Joyce Ann (Matthews) Keating
               Gerald Lewis Matthews                                 Zodell (Ellington) Swift
                                                                                           Harold Trew

Joyce Ann (Matthews) Keating
Barbara A. Matthews


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