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Name Roger GLOVER , Esq.
Death 7 Aug 1634, London, England
1 Anne
Children John (-1649)
Notes for Roger GLOVER , Esq.

1. ROGER1 GLOVER died Abt. August 7, 1634 in Will probated
in London, England. He married ANNE //.

Will of Roger Glover of London Esq. 9 January 1633, proved 7 August, 1634.
Daughter Elizabeth to be full and sole executrix. Reference to a mortgage made to testator by son in law Robert Pemberton, of certain houses in Bow Lane for the sum of eleven hundred and forty five pounds principal lent to the said Robert, at the time of the said mortgage, on which testator has recently received eight hundred and fifty pounds. If the executor shall
receive the remainder of the principal money which is unpaid and the forbearance of the eight hundred and fifty pounds which is already paid me, during the
time it was in the hands of my son John Glover and Mr. Ralph Pemberton then she shall reconvey the said houses unto the heirs of the said Robert Pemberton my late son in law. "And if neede shall soe require I desire my eldest sonne Josse Glover to ioyne with my said executor in the reconvayinge of the said houses the which I trust hee will not deny in regard hee hath given me a release" &c.

I give my household stuff and plate unto my two daughters Elizabeth and Sarah to be divided equally between them at the time of either of their marriages
and my will is that my wife shall have use of the said plate &c. during her natural life &c. Reference made to a bond of son John Glover for the payment of twelve hundred pounds to Sir William Hewitt (which he did not pay) and for the payment of five hundred pounds to my daughter Sarah and five hundred pounds to my son Ralphe after my decease. The lease of my house in Drury Lane to my daughter Sarah.

Whereas I have disbursed threescore and sixteen pounds for and towards a ship called the Coslet for which ship I have a bill of sale, my will is that my son Roger be presently furnished with one hundred twenty four pounds more to make up the same two hundred pounds towards setting out of him and the said ship, and my will is that the said ship be insured during this voyage &c.

Notes for ANNE //:
Will of Anne Glover of St. Stephen, Colman Street, London, 5 July 1650 with codicil made 22 January 1651, proved 26 June 1654.

In her will she asks to be buried next to her "dear and loving husband, Francis Barty"

The following people are listed in her will:
Sister Judith Portington; nephew Portington; niece Dorothy; niece Mary Hartopp; nephew William; sister Rodd; niece Rodd; daughter Dorothy; daughter Elizabeth Glover; niece Judith, her sister Susan and Margaret; son, John Glover; John Glover, grandson of husband Roger Glover; neice Baynam; daughter Seward; daughter Knightbridge; son Anthony Knightbridge; niece Elizabeth Rolt; nephew George Fitz Jeffery; son John Glover the heir of Ratcliffe &c., son Collins' children; nephew Sir John Rolt; cousin Robert Tanisse; three nephews Thomas, Walter and Richard, nephew William Portington, brother Thomas Rolt Esq.

In a codicil she mentions "Josse Glover and his should pay me fiftie pounds a yeare duringe my life &c."

Reference to John Glover, son and heir of said
Josse Glover.

Note: More research needs to be done to investigate the above relationships.
It appears that the children mentioned are not all by Roger Glover. It also seems that some of the children of Roger are not by Anne. Who was Roger's first wife? Which children belong to which parents?

Children of ROGER GLOVER and ANNE // are:
2. i. JOSSE2 GLOVER, d. Abt. December 22, 1638, Will
probated in London, England.


iii. ELIZABETH GLOVER, d. Abt. May 7, 1643, Parish of St Anne Blackfriars, London England.

Will of Elizabeth Glover of the parish of Anne Blackfriars, London 4 May 1643, proved 7 May 1643.

To my brother Francis Collins and my sister Sara
Collins ten pounds apiece.

To my mother Mrs Anne Glover ten pounds and my pair of
brass andirons that are at Amy Collin's house and a cap pan of Brass to them.
To my three nieces, Elizabeth, Sara and Anne Collins,
daughters of my said sister Sarah Collins, one hundred pounds apiece.
To my niece Elizabeth Pemberton fifty pounds (and
certain goods).
To my nephew Robert Pemberton fifty pounds.
To my brother John Glover and his wife ten pounds
To my said brother John Glover, for the use of his son
Charles, my nephew and godson, thirty pounds of lawful English money.
I do will that if my nephew William Moretoft shall live
to the age of one and twenty years then I do give him thirty pounds, but if he shall die before he attain to that age then I do will the said legacy last mentioned to my said Nephew Robert Pemberton.
To my uncle Roulte, to the Lady Abigail Darcy, to Mr.
Morris and his wife, to Mr. Coppinger, to Mr. Dunton and his wife, Mr. Smyth and Mr. Miller and their wives and to Sir Edward Leech and his lady, to each of them a ring.
To the poor of Istleworth five pounds.
To Dr. Gouge forty shillings.
To my said sister Sara Collins all my linen and woolen
clothes, to dispose of them all to her own proper use &c.
To my nurce Cusion twenty shillings, besides her wages.

I make and ordain my nephew Roger Pemberton sole
executor, to whom I give one hundred pounds.

The rest &c. to my niece Elizabeth Pemberton.

4. iv. JOHN GLOVER, d. Abt. October 19, 1649, Lincoln's
Inn, Middlesex, London England.
vi. ROGER GLOVER, d. Abt. September 5, 1637,
Island of Meavis.

Died at sea near the Island of Meavis

Will of Roger Glover of London, merchant, being now at the Island of Meavis,14 November, 1636, proved 5 September, 1637. William Hawkins, citizen and
waxchandler of London, to be overseer.

Goods, &c. in the Increase of London to be disposed of for the advantage of Richard Rowe of London, merchant, my loving brother Richard Glover of London, merchant, and my loving sisters Elizabeth and Sara Glover, whom I appoint, &c. executors.

Debts due in the Indyes and debts formerly due in any part of the West Indyes.

To my niece Elizabeth Glover, daughter of my loving
brother Joss Glover fifty pounds.
To William Rowe, son of the said Richard Rowe, thirty
To my niece Elizabeth Pemmerton forty pounds.
To John Worcester ten pounds.
To my friend Capt. Thomas Sparrowe, Governor of the
Island of Meavis two thousand weight of tobacco. To George Upcote of the same Island five hundred weight
of tobacco.
To Nicholas Godsalve, Secretary, three hundred pounds
of tobacco.
Debts due from Thomas Littleton late Governor of the
Above said Island.
To James Littleton, his son, one hundred pounds.

The witnesses were Thomas Sparrow, John Worcester, Thomas Hinde and Nicholas Godsalue, Secr.

In his father's will dated 09 January 1633, he was given one hundred twenty four pounds towards setting out of the ship Coslet plus insurance for trip.

Undated 1629. Petition of Roger Glover for time to pay
his debts which he incurred in his adventures to the Caribee Islands. (CSPC).
5 September 1637. Probate of will of Roger Glover of
London, bachelor,(merchant of Nevis) who died overseas.

5. vii. SUSAN GLOVER, d. Bef. 1643.

Generation No. 2

2. JOSSE2 GLOVER (ROGER1) died Abt. December 22, 1638 in
Will probated in London, England. He married
(1) ELIZABETH. He married (2) PRICILLA.

From the Complete Book of Emigrants:
December 1638. Probate of will of Jose Glover of London who died overseas with lands in New England. (EEAC).

Will of Jose Glover of London, being by the providence of God forthwith to embark myself for some parts beyond the seas, 16 May, 1638, proved 22 Dec.1638 by Richard Daveys, one of the executors, power being reserved for John Harris, another executor.

To my dear and loving wife all my estate, &c. both in
New England and old England for life, she to maintain and liberally educate all my children. After her decease the property to go to my two eldest sons, Roger and John equally.
To my three daughters, Elizabeth, Sara and Pricilla,
four hundred pounds apiece
(then follows a reference to a decree and order of the
court of chancery),
my three daughters to release to Edmond Davyes Esq. and Thomas Younge, merchant of London, at day of marriage or arrival at full age, all their interests &c. in tenements, &c. in Dorenth (Darent ?) and Stone in co. Kent, &c.
To my ancient, faithful servant John Stidman fifty
To all my brothers & sisters that shall be living
(except my sister Collins) five pounds.
To friend Mr. Joseph Davies and his wife five pounds
The executors to be John Harris, my loving uncle, warden of the College of Winchester, and Richard Davies, my ancient loving friend.
The witnesses were E. Davies, Joseph Davyes, Thomas Yonge, Samuel Davyes & John Davyes.

[See the article by J. Hammond Trumbull, LL.D, on the christian name of Mr. Glover, in the Register, xxx. 26-8. His will, from a copy preserved on the Middlesex Court Files, is printed in full in the Register, xxiii. 136-7.]

Jose (Josse) was a minister who emigrated to the Mass. colony but returned to England and died there.

Children of JOSSE GLOVER and ELIZABETH are:

Children of JOSSE GLOVER and PRICILLA are:
iv. JOHN GLOVER, d. 1668, London England.

Notes for JOHN GLOVER:
Notes taken from Suffolk Court files:
John Glouer sonn of Mr Josse Glouer & Pricilla his wife died intestate (in London 1668) seized of a farme at Sudbury leaueinge one only Sister Pricilla the wife of Jo: Appleton who in her right claimeth the inheritance
of the said land as his next heire the said Glouer dyinge without Ishshewe.

See Notes for Pricilla Glover Appleton



Notes taken from Suffolk Court files:
John Glouer sonn of Mr Josse Glouer & Pricilla his wife died intestate(in London 1668) seized of a farme at Sudbury leaueinge one only Sister Pricilla the wife of Jo: Appleton who in her right claimeth the inheritance
of the said land as his next heire the said Glouer dyinge without Ishshewe.

This said Mr. Josse Glouer by a former venter had two daughters, Sarah ye wife of Mr Deane Winthrop & Elizabeth the wife of Mr Adam Wintrop deceased Leaueinge Issue Adam Wintrop now liueinge, neither of which aut to claime any part of the said land of Josse Glouer beinge but of the halfe bloud at the least & for other reasons:
1. Because John Glouer enjoyed these lands in his mothers right his ffather beinge neuer possessed of them and the said daughters Sarah & Elizabeth cannot claime any right by descent from a mother in law: nor halfe sisters claime as particulars witha a sister of the whole bloud.

2. Because ye said Sarah & Elizabeth had large protiones bequeathed them bythere ffather Mr. Josse Glouer which they also receiued, but ye said Pricilla the wife of Jo: Appleton receiued not her portion giuen by her ffather but lost thereof 150 pounds.

3. Because uppon ye marriage of ye said Pricilla with
Jo: Appleton: there was a couenant made that if ye said Pricilla died within a yeare the said
Glouer should enjoy halfe her estate which was to be retornd to him & no Concideratione had of the other sister by the same reason: were there no
other might the said Pricilla expect the sole benifit of the Estate dyinge without Issue intestate & therefore humbly prayeth the assistance of this Court to put her into a Legall possession thereof by granting the said Jo:Appleton: her husband Administration: or by any other meanes within there wisdome they shall thinke meet.

witnesse my hand John Appleton
Vera Copia Attest
Edward Rawson Secret

There is an attachment to the court documents of a letter written by John Glover
to Capt. John Appleton:

Louing Brother, I am sorry the Providence hath soe ordered it that I could not see you. I am sorry that you gave such a release, but now it cannot be helpt. I am now come out of Scotland my Grandmother being dead. I am to pay a great deale of moneys before I can enjoy my Estate if it should please the Lord to take mee out of this world. I shall take some course that you may
understand how my busines is here for it is my desire that my sister youre wife should haue all that I haue both in old & new England. I pray fiue mee an Acount how my Estate is there &c. concerning priuate matters.

I rest youre very affectionate Brother till death
J: Glouer

At a general court held at Boston: 22 May 1668 The Court granted 600 acres to Mrs. Glouer.




Mentioned in the will of her Aunt, Elizabeth Glover of
the parish of Anne Blackfriars, London 4 May 1643, proved 7 may 1643.


Mentioned in the will of her Aunt, Elizabeth Glover of
the parish of Anne Blackfriars, London 4 May 1643, proved 7 may 1643.


Mentioned in the will of her Aunt, Elizabeth Glover of
the parish of Anne Blackfriars, London 4 May 1643, proved 7 may 1643.

4. JOHN2 GLOVER (ROGER1) died Abt. October 19, 1649 in
Lincoln's Inn, Middlesex, London England. He married JOANE DORRINGTON.

Notes for JOHN GLOVER:
Will of John Glover of Lincoln's Inn Middlesex "Petter" Barrister, 23 October1648, proved 19 October 1649.

I devise my manor of Water Newton, with the
appurtenances, in the Co. of Huntingdon and all my lands, tenements &c. in that county unto Gamaliel Catlmer of Lincoln's Inn Esq., Richard Broughton of the Middle Temple, gent, and certain estates in Whaddon and other towns in Cambridgeshire to be conveyed to my said three friends by William Vaughan of Gray's Inn gen., my late servant, in whos name they stand as my trustee.

All these upon trust to allow my wife to take the
profits of her jointure, to pay for the maintenance and education of my eight children in sush proportion as my wife shall think meet.

And there shall be raised for the portions of my
seven younger children as follows,
to every of my three younger sons, Charles, John and
Richard, five hundred pounds apiece, to be paid them at their respective ages of one and twenty.

To every of my four daughters as follows;
to Eliazbeth on thousand pounds,
to Dorothy one thousand pounds, to sara six hundred pounds
and to Deborah five hundred pounds, at their respective ages of twenty years or days of marriage.

The inheritance of certain estates in Highgate which I
have purchased to be surrendered to my wife.

And whereas my brother in law Mr. George Griffith did
heretofore pretend that I was indebted to him I do
clear my self and, to give my mother in law and others satisfaction, protest before God that I owe him not one penny. My friend and kinsman Philip Smith Esq. hath in his hands and keeping an ancient Statute of Sir John Whitbrookes for which I have paid many years since one thousand pounds, for the debts of my said brother in law.

Lands in Surrey to descend to my eldest son Francis
Glover. I make my wife executrix.

By codicil he relieves his wife of the trouble
of acting as executrix and ajppoints his son Francis executor, and I wish him to take administration of the goods &c. of my brother Richard, deceased.


Will of Francis Glover of Westminster, Middlesex, gentleman, 12 October 1659 proved 16 July 1666.

Reference to will of late father John Glover of Lincoln's Inn, utter barister, lately deceased (abt. 1648) and his devise to Gamaliell Catline of Lincoln's Inn Esq. and others, in trust &c.

To my wife six hundred pounds, and also forty pounds
to by her mourning.

To my sister Skynner one hundred pounds, seven years
hence, if her husband's late eldest brother's
child be then living, otherwise not to be paid.

Twenty pounds to be paid to my sister Skynner and her
husband over and above the one hundred pounds.

Twenty pounds between my sister Sarah and Deborah.

Ten pounds to my brother John

and ten pounds to my brother Richard Glover.

And 10 pounds to my cousin John Glover, Doctor of Phisick.

Twenty pounds to my cousin Pemberton

and thirty pounds to my brother Church and his wife.

Ten pounds to my Aunt Ferrars in Yorkshire.

Twenty pounds to be laid on my burial

and three pounds to the minister that preacheth my funeral sermon.

The overplus to my brother Charles Glover. I make him executor and my cousin Robert Pemberton and my brother
Church overseers.

It appears that Francis died without issue.

Note: Is sister 'Skynner' a last name and is brother Church also the last
name of a brother in law?

ii.CHARLES GLOVER, d. December 1663, Parish of St. Giles, Middlesex, England; m. JANE //.

Charles Glover, late of Princes Street in the parish of St. Giles in the fields, Middlesex, declared his will numcupative or by word of mouth on or about 4 December 1663;

he the said deceased speaking while Jane Glover, his
wife, at the same time with several of his friends and acquaintances were then present, said I give my whole estate to my wife for the good of my children
(not named).

With the will annexed was granted to his widow Jane Glover 15 December 1663.

Attached to the will was a statement re: the death of his brother Richard, recently of Virginia, on the ship Maryland. 21 August 1684.
This attachment is written in Latin and has not yet been completely translated.

viii. RICHARD GLOVER, b. 1611, England; d. 1684, At Sea on Ship Maryland.

5. SUSAN2 GLOVER (ROGER1) died Bef. 1643. She married


Generation No. 3



7. RICHARD3 GLOVER (JOHN2, ROGER1) was born 1611 in
England, and died 1684 in At Sea on Ship Maryland. He married MARY BOOKER Abt. 1637 in VA, daughter of EDWARD BOOKER.

Richard Glover (1611-1696) was of the first American generation of this Glover Family. He married Mary Booker and this union produced 6 sons, all born in
Virginia and represent the heads of the six (6)branches of this Glover family.

Very little information has been found on the first three of these branches, that is the genealogies of the families of Richard Glover, Thomas Glover, and
Robert Glover.

Richard came to Virginia from Gravesend, England in the ship ASSURANCE in July 1635. This Richard Glover was a member of a merchant family living in London,
England. Presumed to have settled in York Co., VA., marrying soon after his arrival. He left several sons, one of whom is said to be William Glover who was in Henrico Co., VA. in the latter part of the seventeenth century, but moved to the coastal region of NC about 1690. This Wm Glover served briefly as a colonial governor of NC.

Deed Recorded June 5, 1677 dated Oct 13, 1670 Rappohannock County, Virginia;
Richard Glover to Parnham Parish of the Rappohannock County Gent., Coveys, 350 acres. Mary, his wife joins in the deed. He appointed John Smith as his Attorney. Rappohannock County, VA Records of Wills - VOL XI p 73

Richard Glover witnessed the will of Jos. Bridges, August 3, 1683 according to Court House Record 250, Henrico County, Virginia, Book A, No. I, p 37.

The will of Richard Glover is recorded under the date of 1684 in Surrogate Court, New York, Book 5, page 284.

See also Abstracts of Wills, Virginia, British Probate Court, page 285 published in the Virginia Historical Magazine, Vol XI, page 73 which refers to 'Richard Glover, 1684, as "Late of Va. widower" and his brother Charles Glover named as administrator on 21 August 1684.'

Notes for MARY BOOKER:
Abstracts of Wills, Virginia, British Probate Court, page 285 published in the Virginia Historical Magazine, Vol XI, page 73 which refers to 'Richard Glover, 1684, as "Late of Va. widower" and his brother Charles Glover named as administrator on 21 August 1684.'

8. i. RICHARD4 GLOVER, b. 1645, Virginia; d. 1696,
Will probated in NY Surrogate Court.
ii. THOMAS GLOVER, b. 1647, Henrico County, Virginia.

The second son of Richard Glover and Mary Booker, Thomas was a resident of Jamestown, VA between the years 1664 adn 1667, probably longer. HE was a
scholar and a writer of ability and merit. He wrote an account of Virginia,its situation, temperature, and productions from personal observations, which was published in Volume II of the Transactions of the Royal Geographic Society, June 20, 1676. He is also referred to in the Society's publications as "an Ingenious Chirurgion" (?)(probably Centurion)

"Petition of Thos. Glover of James City County, Planter to his Majesty's Commissioners for Virginia

....Against Wm. Hartwell for imprisoning him five weeks and forcing him to give a horse for his discharge of the value of 1200lbs of tobacco

....Also, Depositions of Thos. Glover and Francis Robinson theron and mem. that Hartwell owns what the petitioner alleges was by the Governor's order".

No record of his marriage or death has been found

9. iii. ROBERT GLOVER, b. 1650, Virginia; d. 1697.

10. iv. WILLIAM GLOVER, b. 1653, Rappahannock Co.,F, VA; d. Abt. 1713, Henrico Co., VA.

v. BENJAMIN GLOVER, b. 1657; d. 1698.

vi. SAMUEL GLOVER, b. 1661; d. 1698.

Generation No. 4

8. RICHARD4 GLOVER (RICHARD3, JOHN2, ROGER1) was born 1645
in Virginia, and died 1696 in Will probated in NY Surrogate Court. He married MARY BROWNE.

Richard Glover's will, Dated August 18, 1696 New York .
In the name of God, Amen. I, Richard Glover, Commander of the Brigantine 'Amity,' now riding in the Road at Barbadoes, being in good health." Leaves one half of his estate to his wife Mary, and the other half to his two children, Richard and Elizabeth, and makes his wife sole executrix.

Witnesses, Randall Stredts, Thomas Thornhill, John Pye.
New York Surrogate Court Book 5, pg 284

Between the years of 1665 and 1670, Richard was employed by Francis Browne.

In "COLONIAL VIRGINIA ITS PEOPLE AND CUSTOMS" by May Newton Stanard, on page 280, it is stated that "amoung the very early tutors whose names have been preserved are the following, Richard Glover, employed by Frances Browne."
Many other names of tutors are mentioned from the years 1666 to 1678. Also,in this same source it is further mentioned that "the position of tutor was a stepping stone to becoming a planter".

Deed Recorded June 5, 1677 dated Oct 13, 1670 Rappohannock County, Virginia;

Richard Glover to Parnham Parish of the Rappohannock County Gent., Coveys, 350 acres. Mary, his wife joins in the deed. He appointed John Smith as his Attorney. Rappohannock County, VA Records of Wills - VOL XI p 73

Richard Glover witnessed the will of Jos. Bridges, August 3, 1683 according to Court House Record 250, Henrico County, Virginia, Book A, No. I, p 37.

i. ROBERT5 GLOVER, b. 1670; d. 1724, Surry County, VA;
ii. ELIZABETH GLOVER, b. 1674.

9. ROBERT4 GLOVER (RICHARD3, JOHN2, ROGER1) was born 1650
in Virginia, and died 1697.

No Marriage record has been found however, his will lists 3 sons.

.....unto my two sons in Ireland, Robert and Thomas Glover...... my son in the Isle of Jamaica, Charles Glover......
.....Gold and Silver to Capt. John Perry in the Island of Antego or Mavis for the use of my children and in case the said John Perry should be deceased
to use all means possible himself to convey the same cheerfully unto my children as is my desire..........

Children of ROBERT GLOVER are:
i. ROBERT5 GLOVER, b. 1670; d. 1750.

Robert Glover, a mariner is referred to as being in Ireland with his brother,Thomas in his father's will.

"Grants to Robert Glover, Virginia State Library, Book 14, 1727-1732, Sept.28, 1728, 297 acres in Prince George County, VA on Butterwood Swamp".

"Office of Clerk, Prince George Circuit Court, VA. 200 acres from John Avery to Robert Glover, dated January 18, 1728". This is the only record available
that agrees with the period 1730 referring to the purchase of land by Robert Glover.

ii. THOMAS GLOVER, b. 1673.

No record can be found indicating that Thomas ever married.

Records by Saunders, North Carolina VOL. 7 p 733 refers to Thomas Glover as "Regulator" and could be this Thomas or Thomas Glover (b. 1685) son of William
Glover (1653-1713)

iii.CHARLES GLOVER, b. 1675; d. Abt. 1697, Island of St Mary's.

No record can be found indicating that Charles ever married. His will dated Sept. 5 1697 in the Island of St Marys.

1653 in Rappahannock Co.,F, VA, and died Abt. 1713 in Henrico Co., VA. He married MARY BURTON
DAVIS October 22, 1684 in Longfield Plantation, Rappahannock Co., VA.

Children of WILLIAM GLOVER and MARY DAVIS are:
i. THOMAS5 GLOVER, b. March 4, 1685, Varina Parish, Henrico, VA.
ii. CHARLESWORTH GLOVER, b. April 23, 1688; d.
December 28, 1732; m. SARAH SANDERS.
iii.JOSEPH GLOVER, b. May 20, 1691, Varina Parish,
Henrico, VA; d. May 1719.
iv. WILLIAM GLOVER, b. 1678, Longfield Plantation,
Parish of Varina, Henrico Co. Va.; d. August 1754, Northampton County, NC; m. MARY NORWOOD, Abt. 1705, Surry, Virginia.


Will of William Glover Will V. XI Northampton, NC.
Will of Mary Norwood Glover Will WB I 86 Northampton, NC

*Much of the information about William and Mary Norwood Glover and family was taken from a book by Sara E. Mason, "Glovers of Marengo County Alabama".

William Glover was probably born in Va. though there is no proof of his parentage. No immigration record has been identified for him. The first record finds him in Southwark Parish, Surrey Co., VA in 1698. This merely means he was a free (not indentured) white male, 16 years or older.

He does not seem to have owned land at that time and was either working for another planter or renting land. His name appears as a tithable from 1700 to 1703.

Mary Norwood Glover was the daughter of William and Lydis (Jordan?) Norwood. William Norwood arrived in VA about 1649, probably by way of Bermuda as no emigraation record has been found. The Norwoods had been "Kings Men" during the Civil War in England and were well connected in Virginia.

By Sept., 1722, William Glover had acquired 640 acres "lying in the Chowan Precinct on the N. side of Morattock River...on the side of Beaver Pond...", and later acquired 450 acres in Granville or Edgecombe Co.s,NC. Although it appears that William and Mary Norwood Glover seemed to raise their family in Granville Co., NC, their descendants seemed to relocate to other parts of the state, and later descendants migrated to 96 Dist., SC which, by the mid-1800s was heavily populated with Glover families.

William Glover left a will dated July 30, 1754, recorded in Aug. Ct. N'hampton 1754 in which he names seven children. From the date of his marriage I presume all of these children were born in Surrey Co., VA.
Mary Glover made her home with her son Benjamin who bought the Beaverpond plantation in 1758. She made her will dated Dec. 30, 1763, rec. Feb. Northampton Co. (Northampton Wills I, 86).
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