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Other Early Kentucky Allens of Interest - a work in progress

Richard Allen of Ft. Boonesborough married Susannah Gatewood in 1778 in KY and is listed on the Fayette Co. tax lists from 1787 - 1795. He had served in Capt. William Mosby's Co., 5th Virgina Regiment during the Revolutionary War. Richard and Susannah had several children including a John Allen born in 1796 in newly formed Garrard Co. Richard Allen died in Garrard Co. in 1830.

Thomas Allen of Ft. Boonesborough was a surveyor laying out many early towns in KY. He was born in Hanover Co., VA in 1757 to William and Frances (Grant) Allen. After serving during the Rev. War, Thomas moved to KY and in 1789 was married to Mary Jouett, daughter of John (Jack) Jouett. Thomas served several terms as Mercer Co. Clerk before his death at Harrodsburg, KY in 1833.

Joseph Allen of the Traveling Church married Sarah Craig in Fayette Co., KY in 1789. His father Joseph had been a member of the Spotsylvania church in VA. However, he died in 1783 just before Lewis Craig began his trek to KY with several hundred members. Lewis was Sarah's uncle. In 1786, Joseph bought 370 acres from Lewis Craig on Boon Creek. Joseph Allen died in Fayette Co. in 1825.

Judge John Allen of Bourbon Co., KY had migrated to KY from James City, VA in 1786. He had been a major in the Revolutionary War and studied law afterwards. He married Jane Tandy, of Albemarle Co., VA in 1781. This John Allen accounts for numerous records mentioning John Allen in the region between 1786 and his death in 1816.

Col. John Allen of Shelby Co., KY was born in Virginia in 1771 and was eight years old when his family moved to Kentucky. As an adult, he became a lawyer and politician. Allen lost the race for governor of Kentucky in 1808, but was elected to the U.S. Congress. At the start of hostilities in 1812, he raised and commanded Kentucky’s 1st Rifle Regiment. Col. John Allen was the senior American officer to die at the Battle of the River Raisin. Allen County, Kentucky, was named in his honor. This John Allen also accounts for many records mentioning John Allen in the region through the 1790s and early 1800s.

John Sr. and John Jr Allen of Clark Co., KY appear on the 1795 tax list, along with our John Allen and another John Allen Jr. or Sr; in all 4 John Allens. The John Allen Sr. and Jr. apparently have land on Hingston Creek and may be father and son. This Sr. has another male over 21 in the house, 4 horses and 21 cows. And this Jr. only has 2 horses. The other Jr. or Sr. (illegible) only has 1 horse and may have just come of age. The 4th John Allen has 2 horses, 24 cows and is believed to be our John Allen.

Benjamin and Winnifred Allen, son and mother of Clark Co., KY are of interest because Benjamin's father Benjamin Sr. arrived in Clark/Montgomery Co., KY about the same time as our John Allen. This family had come down the Ohio River to KY from Berkley Co., WV Cumberland area. Benjamin Sr. was killed by Indians near Mt. Sterling in 1790. Benjamin Jr. was interviewed by Shane years later and told a detailed and colorful story of his trip to KY.

John Allen of Woodford Co., KY is of interest because his son John Allen has been confused with our John Allen's son John born in 1790. John Allen of Woodford Co. was married to Hannah Snelling in 1786 in Fauquier Co., VA. He fought in the Rev. War, filing for a pension in 1818 from Woodford Co. His son John married Nancy Ford in Woodford Co. in 1817 before moving to Bath Co., KY. He died there in 1853 leaving many descendants in that area.

John R. Allen of Montgomery Co., KY first appears on the 1816 Montgomery Co., KY tax list. The timing is such that he can be confused with our John Allen's son John who was born in 1790. However, it seems generally accepted John R. Allen is the John Allen that married Selah/Seley Hefflin in Fauquier Co., VA in 1787 before moving to Bourbon Co., KY around 1795 and then Montgomery Co. by 1816. John and Selah had several children including a John born around 1815. John and Selah's descendants no doubt account for numerous Allens in Montgomery Co.

Benjamin Allen of Campbell Co., KY and Adoniram Allen of Clay Co., KY are of special interest because they are believed to be sons of David Allen of Surry Co., NC, grandson of Puritan Edward Allen of Ipswich, MA. Another possible brother of Benjamin and Adoniram, John Allen born about 1744, is discussed under "John Allen Theories". Descendants of all 3 brothers have taken DNA tests and match close enough to suggest David Allen is their common ancestor. By 1792 Benjamin Allen was established in Campbell Co. running a mill on the Licking River. By 1812 Benjamin and some of his sons had moved to Louisiana, subsequent to moving into Texas.

Adoniram Allen and his brother Job moved to Clay Co., KY in 1807 having been in Georgia and Surry Co., NC earlier.