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john allen family slate creek kentucky

Future Research - a work in progress

It seems almost certain John Allen and his family did not travel alone to Kentucky. Who did they travel with and from where? Whoever they traveled with is probably on the 1788 Fayette and maybe 1792 Clark tax list.

Being elected an elder within a year of the Lulbegrud Baptist church being founded, John was most likely a key member of an earlier Baptist church, but where?

John Summers Sr received in Lulbegrud church by recommendation then a few months later both John Allen and John Summers Sr appointed elders. Did they know each other from an earlier Baptist church? John Summers came from Chopawamsic.

Did Griffins and Treadways come together from Virginia? Did John Allen know them earlier?

Who solicited Thomas Ammen and Andrew Tribble to help form the Lulbegrud church?

Clark tax lists 1799 - 1810 for George Allen