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As noted elsewhere, we are not certain of John Allen's first wife's name, but suspect it might have been Hannah. This comes from the Lulbegrud church minutes where a Hannah Allen was received into the church just 4 months after the church was founded in March 1793. Hannah was received by letter making it doubtful this Hannah was John's daughter Hannah who would have been just 6 years old in 1793.

It is not yet known where John and his first wife were married. In fact we can't be certain that was his 1st marriage. There is an unexplained gap in his children between 1776 and 1782. Of course the birthdates of his 1st 2 daughters Catron in 1774 and Sally in 1776 are only best estimates. This could also be explained by military service during the Revolutionary War or children who died.

There is a Clark Co., KY record of John's marriage to Ann Griffin 18 Jun 1794, as well as Richard Griffin's permission for his daughter Ann to marry John and also John's marriage bond signed by himself and John Treadway.

If John's first wife died in late 1793 or early 1794, he would have been left to care for 7 children, with 4 under the age of 10, besides the requirements of tending to livestock and survival itself. It is likely he married Ann Griffin soon after his first wife died.

While we have records of John Allen's descendants down to present day, the focus of this study is John Allen and his more immediate family. Therefore only his children and grand-children are shown below.

Descendants of John Allen (b.Abt 1750 d.Jan 1804-Montgomery Co.,KY)
sp: Hannah (d.Abt 1794-Clark Co., KY)

-Catherine "Catron" Allen (b.Abt 1774 d.Bef 1820-Montgomery Co.,KY)
sp: Jonas Forkner (b.1765-Surry Co .,NC m.Bef 1798 d.1826-Montgomery Co.,KY)

-William Forkner (b.1792-Surry Co .,NC d.1822-Montgomery Co.,KY)

-Squire Forkner (b.1794-Surry Co .,NC d.19 Sep 1825-Montgomery Co.,KY)

-Lewis Forkner (b.1 Apr 1798-Montgomery Co.,KY d.28 Oct 1847-Brazil,Clay Co.,IN)
sp: Elizabeth Yocum (b.2 Oct 1800-Mason Co.,KY m.5 Apr 1820 d.11 Feb 1833-Brazil,Clay Co.,IN)
sp: Rachel Stewart (m.12 Apr 1833 d.1849)

-John Forkner (b.5 Sep 1809-Montgomery Co.,KY d.31 Jan 1848-Clay Co.,IN)
 sp: Nancy Wools (b.17 Mar 1808-Kentucky m.23 Sep 1830 d.9 May 1890-Clay Co.,IN)

-Hiram Forkner (b.12 Jun 1812-Montgomery Co.,KY d.19 Dec 1878-LeGrand,Marshall Co.,Iowa)
 sp: Susannah Lemaster (b.25 Oct 1811-Indiana m.11 Jun 1833)

-Sarah "Sally" Allen (b.Abt 1776)
sp: John White (m.Bef 1804)

-Zarilda J. White (b.9 Mar 1814-Kentucky d.20 Dec 1904-Pisga,IL)
sp: Martin H. Summers (b.30 Nov 1802-Green Co.,KY m.22 May 1831 d.4 Feb 1885)

-George Allen (b.Abt 1782 d.1839-Bath Co.,KY)
sp: Barbara "Barbary" Myers (b.1783-Fayette Co.,PA m.1806 d.Aft 1850)

-Elizabeth "Betsy" Allen (b.1806-Montgomery Co.,KY)
sp: Austin Johnson (b.Abt 1805 m.Abt 1824)

-John Allen (b.1809-Montgomery Co.,KY d.Bef 1841-Hancock Co.,IL)
sp: GeorgeAnn Botts (b.1812-Kentucky m.10 Aug 1833)

-Louisiana Allen (b.1813-Bath Co.,KY)
sp: Joseph Morrison McCormick (b.7 Dec 1813-Montgomery Co.,KY m.17 Sep 1834 d.13 Jan 1876)

-Melinda Allen (b.1814-Bath Co.,KY)
sp: Joseph Crooks (b.1814 m.Abt 1834)

-Joshua Allen (b.Abt 1784)
sp: Eleanor Davenport (b.Abt 1796-Frederick Co.,VA m.12 Jun 1816)

-Stephen Allen (b.1821-Montgomery Co.,KY)
sp: Ellen Lovelace (b.Dec 1830-Estill Co.,KY m.1848 d.12 Apr 1909-Clinton,Vermillion Co.,IN)

-Hannah Allen (b.Abt 1787-Tennessee d.Aft 1850-Illinois)
sp: Abraham Downs (b.1788-Grassy Lick,KY m.Abt 1810 d.Aft 1850-Illinois)

-Jacob Downs (b.1810-Kentucky)
sp: Margaret (b.1808-TN)

-Robert Downs (b.15 Dec 1812-Montgomery Co.,KY d.24 Sep 1902-Edgar Co.,Illinois)
sp: Nancy Rice Dudley (b.1818-Muhlenberg Co.,Kentucky m.25 Nov 1835 d.30 Aug 1854-Sims,Edgar Co.,Illinois)

-Allen Downs (b.1828-KY)
sp: Deborah (b.1824-KY)

-William Allen (b.Abt 1789 d.1814-Montgomery Co.,KY)
sp: Sally

-John Allen Jr. (b.Abt 1790)

sp: Ann Griffin (b.Abt 1767-VA m.18 Jun 1794-Clark Co., KY d.Abt 1826-Montgomery Co., KY)

-Female Allen (b.1795)
sp: William H. Forkner (b.1798)

-Richard Allen (b.1797-Montgomery Co.,Kentucky d.1866-Morgan Co.,KY)
sp: Edith "Edy" Williams (b.1803-Floyd Co.,Ky m.20 Jan 1820 d.10 Dec 1858-Morgan Co.,KY)

-Daniel Webster Allen (b.5 Dec 1820-Floyd Co.,Ky d.11 Jan 1912-Magoffin Co.,KY)
sp: Susannah Taulbee (b.1822-Kentucky m.29 Jul 1841 d.1891-Magoffin Co.,KY)
sp: Lucinda "Cindie" Burton (b.Jul 1846-Kentucky m.13 Sep 1891)

-Elijah Allen (b.16 Sep 1822-Floyd Co.,Ky d.5 Jun 1896-Morgan Co.,KY)
sp: Martha Barker (b.6 Feb 1823-Morgan Co.,KY m.3 Oct 1843 d.21 Oct 1886-Morgan Co.,KY)
sp: Dorcas Payne (b.1 May 1822-Tazewell Co.,Virginia m.16 Jun 1887 d.11 Jul 1892-Magoffin Co.,KY)
sp: Printha Heise (m.Aft 11 Jul 1892)

-Mary Anne Allen (b.Jan 1824-Morgan Co.,KY)
sp: Caleb William Lykins (b.1823-Morgan Co.,KY m.28 Jul 1847)

-Violet Allen (b.1827-Morgan Co.,KY)
sp: Eli Williams Rev. (b.15 Aug 1825-Morgan Co.,KY m.8 Jan 1846 d.24 Jan 1916-Magoffin Co.,KY)

-Joseph D. Allen (b.Feb 1829-Morgan Co.,KY d.1907)
sp: Rebecca Taulbee (b.1830-Bath Co.,Kentucky m.20 Nov 1849)

-Frances Jane Allen (b.3 Nov 1831-Morgan Co.,KY d.19 Oct 1913-Magoffin Co.,KY)
sp: Humphrey Cockerham (b.1824-North Carolina m.Abt 1852)
sp: Joseph Wesley Pugh (b.24 Feb 1817-Lee Co.,VA m.Aft 1870 d.9 Oct 1877-Magoffin Co.,KY)
sp: Josiah Hammons (b.20 Apr 1828 m.Aft 1877 d.5 Nov 1911)

-George Washington Allen (b.1835-Morgan Co.,KY d.Mar 1867-Morgan Co.,KY)
sp: Celia "Selah" Patrick (b.4 Jul 1836-Morgan Co.,KY m.1856 d.11 Mar 1914-Wolfe Co.,KY)

-Darcus Allen (b.1837-Morgan Co.,KY)
sp: William Barker (b.Jan 1833 m.3 Nov 1854)

-Nancy Ellen Allen (b.1839-Morgan Co.,KY d.Abt 1880)
sp: William M.(Cockerham) Cochran (b.1827 m.10 Oct 1857 d.Bef 1878)

-Rachel Allen (b.1842-Morgan Co.,KY)
sp: William "Willie" Pugh (b.1838-Morgan Co.,KY m.21 Apr 1859 d.1906-Kentucky)

-Daniel Allen (b.1799-Montgomery Co.,Kentucky d.Apr 1826-Morgan Co.,KY)
sp: Nancy Hughes (b.Abt 1802-Kentucky m.27 Feb 1822 d.1840-Kentucky)

-Elizabeth "Betsy" Allen (b.1822-Morgan Co.,KY)

-Daniel Williams Allen (b.9 Feb 1826-KY d.9 Apr 1883-Grundy Co.,MO)
sp: Narcissa J. Pergrem (b.29 Dec 1827-Bath Co.,KY m.23 Nov 1848 d.31 Oct 1861-Grundy Co.,MO)
sp: Lucinda Ann Ricketts (b.26 Apr 1827-Virginia m.11 Jul 1865 d.5 Aug 1878-Grundy Co.,Missouri)
sp: Frances Ann Dillon (b.21 Mar 1838-Indiana m.3 Aug 1879 d.11 Sep 1879-Grundy Co.,Missouri)

-Elijah Allen (b.1801-Montgomery Co.,Kentucky)
sp: Catherine "Caty" Williams (b.1800-Floyd Co.,Ky m.13 Nov 1821)