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Clark Memoirs

The John Allens mentioned in Clark's memoirs would have lived in the Ohio River Valley area of western Virginia, northern Kentucky and southern Indiana.

In 1776, George Rogers Clark, already a renowned Indiana fighter, was given responsibility for defending Kentucky, then a county of Virginia, from violent Indian attacks. This was during the Revolutionary War, and much of the Indian animosity toward Kentucky settlers was instigated by the British out of forts in what are now Indiana, Illinois and Michigan. Clark is especially renowned for taking the British forts at Kaskaskia (southern Illinois) and Vincennes (southern Indiana).

During this time, Clark recruited hundreds of men for his militias. Many men are mentioned, although their locations are not always clear. These papers list a number of Allens apparently in the early Kentucky area, although some may have been up the Ohio River in western Pennsylvania and northwest Virginia. Some of the soldiers mentioned were no doubt single men, while those mentioned as supplying goods may have been family men.

Only references to John Allens are shown below. See my complete document for all references to Allens. These John Allens probably represent several different John Allens. It isn't obvious from the list below, but from my complete document it becomes apparent these John Allens were in different places. The first one mentioned is apparently deceased. One John Allen is in a position to provide iron. Another worked with pack horses.

In some records Clark has referenced a John Allen, Jr and John Allen, Younger, which implies there must have been another John Allen he considered John Allen Sr.

I have reason to believe one of these John Allens, a soldier, was the father of the John Allen born 1791 who married Nancy Ford in Woodford Co., KY in 1817 and moved to Bath Co, dying there in 1853.

7952-5-46-47-November 22, 1780: Top document. Faded. Reference to continental currency, late estate of John Allen, flannel, blue cloth, shirts and Clarksville. Names: Leonard Helm, Capt. John Dodge, Silas Harlan [Harland], Capt. James Prigg?

10247-6-554-555-April 30, 1781: Second document. Reference to iron received from John Allen for use of George Rogers Clark expedition. Names: Samuel Seuelt?

10265-6-564-565-April 29, 1781: Bottom document. Receipt for iron. Names: John Allen, Joseph Parkison.

11467-6-1342-1343-June 23, 1781: Second document. Commonwealth of Virginia account with John Allen for 3 months working driving bullocks and pack horses at boats. Names: Peter Triplett.

11469-6-1342-1343-June 25, 1781: Bottom document. Commonwealth of Virginia account with John Allen for driving bullocks and pack horses for boats.

12099-7-402-404-July 21, 1781: Top document. Duplicate filming. Indian meal. Names: Andrew Heath, John Allen, Joseph Parkison

13329-8-186-187-September ?, 1781: Third document. John Allen was paid $900. Names: William Clark.

13449-8-339-341-October ?, 1781: Commonwealth of Virginia account. Items purchased and names of persons supplying such. Items: hemp, express service, ferriage, whiskey, blacksmith work, making bags, tar, bacon, oats, gimlets, beef cattle, corn, pasture, planks, flour. Names: William Steward, William Crawford, Jacob Pindell, George Blakison, John Rogers, Joseph Chamberlain, Francis Newill, James Moody, Joseph McCaffe, Samuel Wilson, William McKee, Joseph Smith, John Stephenson, Benjamin Whaley, Joseph Rogers, David Mortan, Nathan Shannon, Hugh Newill.George Jasmoon, David Scott, John John, Bill Crawford, John Bell, Rich Hughs, Peter Triplett, Thomas Ball, James Harmon?, John Ballenshall, Isaac Pue?, Benjamin Kuykendall, John Allen, Thomas Bell, Charles Brandford, Gilbert Simpson, Christopher Graybill, Joseph McDowell.

15287-9-479-481-April 23, 1782: Letter from John Montgomery at Richmond, Virginia to Treasurer John Allen. Reference to bills of exchange, Oliver Pollock, horses, Capt. John Dodge, Mr. Molvost, General George Rogers Clark.

15304-9-505-506-April 8, 1782: George Slaughter certified wages due to the following men: Daniel Johnson, Mason Johnson, Joseph Cornell, Benjamin Tailor, Ebin Parker, Daniel Congil, John Neal, John Rose, William Long, ? Butler, Edward Thomas, James Ballenger, James McQuigley, John West, Peter Triplet, Henry Foster, Franklin Zimmerman, Jr., John Angel, John Burroughs, Charles Asher?, William Abbott, William Abbott, Jr., John Allen, Jr., John Allen Younger, several names too faded to read.

15310-9-515-517-April 8, 1782: List of non-commissioned officers and privates discharged with date of enlistment. Names: John Burroughs, James Ballard, William Dennis?, Daniel Colvin, Madison Colvin, Joseph Cornell, Benjamin Taylor, Ebin Porter, Daniel Congil, John Neil, John Rose, William Long, Richard Taleferro,Edward Thomas, James Ballenger, Samuel McQuidy, John West, Robert Triplet, Henry Foster, Fred Zimmerman, John Angel, Francis Nash, Charles Asher, William Abbot, William Abbot, Jr., ? Mitchell, William Mitchell, John Allen Jr., John Allen, Younger.

16142-9-1146-1153-July 26, 1782: Duplicate filming. Very faded. Appears to be account of Benjamin Little. Items: Beef, flour, corn, rye, bags, whiskey. Names: Hans Hamilton, John Allen, James Stephenson, John Robinson, John Harrison, Will Harrison, Richard Wallace, J. Carney, Benjamin Wells, Capt. Carney.

18733-11-1223-1224-August 30, 1784: Pay of John Allen for service in [Capt. Richard] Brashear from May 30, 1780 to October 4, 1780.