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Bush Settlement

Our John Allen was listed on Fayette tax lists from 1788 to 1791 somewhere near the Bush Settlement based on his neighbors. From 1789 to 1791 a George Allen is listed on the same tax lists next to John.

William "Captain Billy" Bush persuaded forty families from Culpeper Co., VA to move with him to Kentucky in 1780. Capt. Billy had been at Ft. Boonesborough in 1775 and 1776 with Daniel Boone and the others who blazed the Wilderness Trail through the Cumberland Gap and build Ft. Boonesborough on the Kentucky River.

Unable to complete their move due to Indian uprisings, Bush's party was forced to spend 3 years at the Holston River settlements in extreme southwest Virginia until 1783. But eventually they were able to move into Kentucky settling on the north side of the Kentucky River across from Ft. Boonesborough on the south side of the river.

Bush had laid claim to considerable land there which he divided up among his forty some friends and neighbors who moved with him from Virginia. There is no record of an Allen in his party or any of John Allen's future neighbors or associates. We include this segment because 3 years after Howard's Creek Baptist church was established within the Bush Settlement in 1783, Edward Williams, Nicholas Anderson and the Harpers joined this church in 1787. It is said Howard's Cr. was the first Baptist church near Ft. Boonesborough.

Records show Edward Williams, Nicholas Anderson and John Harper were at or near Ft. Boonesborough in 1779, because they laid claim to land at the headwaters of Hingston Cr. about a dozen miles east where they moved in 1792.

We have not yet found where the Williams, Andersons and Harpers lived between 1779 and 1787. Tax records have not been preserved earlier than 1787. Being Baptists from Virginia, they would have joined Howards Creek had they lived in that vicinity any earlier.

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Howard's Creek Church founded 1782 became the Providence Church in 1792 and was later known as the Old Stone Meeting House.




The Bush Settlement consisted of 14,600 acres bounded by the Kentucky River, Lower Howard's Creek and 2 Mile Creek. Lower Howard's Creek Church was situated nearly in the middle of the settlement. It became the Providence Church in 1790 when the church split, and is also known as the "Old Stone Church". It is still standing, having been rebuilt some years ago.

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This map offers an opportunity to mention 4 Mile Creek just to the east of the Bush Settlement. The southwest 1/4 of Clark County shown on this 1818 map was actually Fayette County from 1780 to 1792.





Then beginning in 1792 John Allen is listed in Clark to the east near Anderson's Station at the headwaters of the Lulbegrud and Hinkston Creeks. Beginning in 1797 a George Allen is listed in Clark on 4 Mile Creek with 39 acres. Is this the same George Allen listed beside John Allen earlier? We don't know, and so far have not been able to uncover anything else about a George Allen in Fayette or Clark prior to 1800.

It is possible George and John Allen were living on 4 Mile Creek earlier putting them in the vicinity of both the Bush Settlement and Ft. Boonesborough. Although no relationship has been established between John and George, one might suspect George was either John's brother or his father. After all, John did name his first born son, who born in 1782, George.

George's 39 acre land does not show up in any land grant records, so it was apparently a local person to person sale that should be recorded at the Winchester courthouse. A sale of the land later might also be recorded. It would be most helpful if a wife was listed on the sale. It would also be helpful to check Clark tax records past 1799 to see how long George lived on 4 Mile Creek.

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