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Allied Families

Griffin - John Allen married Ann Griffin in 1794. Her parents were Richard and Mary (Brown) Griffin of Charlotte Co., VA. Richard and his family had moved to Fayette Co., KY by 1790. They, like John Allen, were founding members of the Lulbegrud Baptists church in Clark County in 1793. Richard and Mary Griffin would be my 6th great-grandparents. Anthony Griffin (probably Richarard Griffin's father) was co-executor of John Allen's will.

Treadway - John and Winifred (Holcombe) Treadway also moved to Kentucky from Charlotte Co., VA, although they show up on the Fayette tax list 3 years before the Griffins. The Treadways joined the Lulbegrud church shortly after it was formed. Their daughter Elizabeth married Ann Griffin's sister Elizabeth. John Treadway (probably Sr) was a co-executor of John Allen's 1804 will.

Lykins - Neighbors Isaac and William Lykins witnessed John Allen's will in 1804. Both moved to Floyd/Morgan Co., KY and were neighbors of John Allen's son Richard. Two of William Lykins' grand-sons married two of Richard's daughters. From an 1826 court record concerning John Allen's 510 acres, we find it adjoined an Isaac Lykins land. This may be the same Isaac Lykins that witnessed John Allen's will in 1804.

Lacy - James Lacy also witnessed John Allen's will. James, William and Mark Lacy lived near John Allen and were sons of William Lacy who had moved there from Botetourt Co., VA in the 1790s. A Moses and Nancy Lacy were members of the Lulbegrud church. Moses may have been a cousin of James. Brothers James and John Lacy moved to Floyd/Morgan Co. around 1810.

Summers - John Summers was appointed Elder in the Lulbegrud church the same day as John Allen. Summers was on the Fayette tax list in 1787. He may have been there earlier, but 1787 is the earliest tax list available. Prior to Fayette Co. Summers had belonged to the Chopawamsic Baptist church in VA, as had Edward Williams and Nicholas Anderson. Summers son Elijah Summers was a Baptist preacher in Kentucky and married John Allen and Ann Griffin in 1794.

Dewitt - Martin Dewitt was appointed church messenger the same Saturday John Allen was appointed Elder in 1794. His son Peter Dewitt was also a member of the Lulbegrud. They both lived near Anderson's Station. This appears to be a Dutch family from Somerville, Sussex Co., NJ. They moved to Ft. Boonesborough soon after it was established, as did other Dutch families.

Payne - Brother Edward and William Payne were founding members of the Lulbegrud church based on references to them in the church's minutes as Brothers without ever being received into the church. The church was rebuilt around 1800 on their brother Jilson's property about a mile to the west. Jilson Payne became a driving force in the church and Baptist Association. The Payne brothers lived in Fayette Co. prior to Clark/Montgomery Co. Earlier they seemed to be associated with the Acquila church in Virginia near the Chopawamsic.

Tribble - Baptist Separatist preachers Andrew Tribble and Thomas Ammen performed the official duties of establishing the Lulbegrud church in 1793. Both were from Tate's Creek church in Madison Co. near Ft. Boonesborough. Tribble had previously lived in Orange and Albemarle Co., VA having moved to Fayette Co., KY in 1785.

Ammen - Thomas Ammen, a Baptist Separatist preacher and associate of Tribble, was also from Virginia, probably Botetourt Co.

Bledsoe - Joseph Bedsoe was a Baptist preacher from Culpeper Co., VA. As early as 1778, he was associated with Ambrose Dudley and Lewis Craig in gathering Wilderness church in Spottsylvania County, Virginia. In Kentucky he had organized Gilbert's Creek church of Separatist Baptists and was closely associated with other Baptist Separatist preachers such as Tribble, Ammens and Daniel Williams.

Coffee - Ambrose Coffee, born in Ireland in 1755, has shown up in the same areas of Kentucky as John Allen, including Fayette Co., Clark Co., Anderson's Station and Slate Creek, where he died in 1820. Earlier in 1795, Daniel Williams had sold Ambrose 20 acres at Anderson's Station on Spencer Creek.

Forkner - John Allen's oldest daughter Catherine "Catron" married Jonas Fortner probably around 1797-1798 in Montgomery Co., KY. Some researchers have shown Catron married Jonas in Surry Co., NC suggesting John Allen lived there before moving to KY. Although Jonas Fortner does seem to have come to KY from Surry Co., NC, no evidence has been found for a marriage to Catron in either NC or KY. It seems more likely Catron was Jonas' 2nd marriage, and it was in Montgomery Co., KY around 1797-1798. Early Montgomery marriage records have been lost.

McGuire - John McGuire moved from the Greenbriar area of VA to Ft. Boonesborough in 1779 living in a cabin owned by David McGee on "Jouett's Creek. In 1780 John McGuire relocated with his parents to McGee's Station-Fayette, Co. His father Lt. James McGuire was killed at the Battle of Blue Licks in 1782. In 1792 John purchased 102 3/4 acres on Slate Creek (Clark Co. Ky.) from Philemon Thomas. John and his wife Nancy were received into the Lulbegrud church Jan. 1795 by letter.

Harper - The Harpers were associated with the Williams and Andersons in Virginia at the Chopawamsic church, as well as Howard's Creek church near Ft. Boonesborough. Although the Harpers are not mentioned in the Lulbegrud's minutes, they did have land near Anderson's Station.

French - Like the Harpers, Williams and Andersons, James French moved to Ft. Boonesborough from Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co., VA, acquiring land in what was to become Montgomery Co. in 1779. James was also a leading member of the Lulbegrud church after it relocated to Jilson Payne's land. James French also shows up in many land records, because he had acquired thousands of acres which he subsequently resold in smaller sections to settlers. The French family was wealthy having been an old and established family in the Great Neck area of VA.

Myers - John Allen's son George married Barbary Myers, daughter of Henry Myers. This Myers family had migrated to KY from Pennsylvania sometime around 1790. From a legal description of John Allen's 510 acres it is apparent that it was near Henry Myers' farm. This would be near Jeffersonville, Montgomery Co., KY today. A Jacob Myers from Richmond, VA had established the Bourbon Iron Furnace farther downstream on Slate Creek in 1790. While it is an interesting coincidence, no connection has been found between these two Myers families.

Trimble - From an 1826 Montgomery Co., court record, we can see John Allen bought his 510 acres on Slate Creek from David Trimble Sr. in 1799. David Jr. and his wife Lucy Lacy had lived in Greenbriar Co., VA before moving to KY around 1797. The Trimble families had lived in that Augusta/Greenbriar area of VA for several decades. David's move was apparently precipitated by the death of his father David Sr. in Bourbon Co., KY in 1798, at which time his sons inherited his property. The 1826 court record suggests that John Allen's purchase from David Trimble Sr. had never been legally recorded.