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Ancestors and Descendants of
Albert Sidney Dix and Isadora J. (Nicoles) Dix
These pages include the collective investigations into the family history of Albert Sidney DIX, his wife, Isadora (NICOLES) Dix, as well as their parents, siblings, and descendants. Search focuses on the family of Alexander Franklin DIX, and his eldest son, Albert Sidney DIX, and Albert's family. Most of their lives were spent in Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia, and the timeline begins in 1833.

Albert Sidney Dix

Isadora J. (Nicoles) Dix

Their Parents and Siblings
Alexander Franklin Dix and Helen "Nellie" (Beach) Dix
Their Children
Francis Marion Nicoles and Mary Jeniluska Holipeter
Etta and Isadora


Albert Sidney Dix and Isadora J. (Nicoles) Dix

And Their Descendants:

Nelle "Sister" (Dix) Smith/Rowden/Montgomery
Ruth "Woopa" (Dix) Whigham
Francis "Buddy" Albert Dix
Issalee (Dix) Dismukes
Will Allie "Billy" Dix
Dorothy "Dot" (Dix) Harris
Eleanor "Nora" (Dix) Smith