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lists seven with the surname of ELLER:

  1. ELLER, ANDREAS (born 1800), physician - Jack 2 - 277,319.
  2. ELLER, ELIAS (b. 1680, d. 1750),manufacturer, founder of sect ABD, Jocher/Adelung, Hirsching - 277,320-322.
  3. ELLER, GEORG AUGUST (b. 1816), physician - Alberti 1, Alberti 2 - 277, 323 -324
  4. Eller, Johann Theodor (b. 1689, d. 1760), physician ABD, Gotten, Jocher/Adelung, Denina, Hirsching, Meusel: author Schmidt - 277, 325-337.
  5. ELLER, LUDWIG (LOUIS) (b. ca 1825, d. 1862), violinist, composer-- Wurzback- 277,338-340.
  6. ELLER, WOLFGANG ERNST von (d. 1680), privy councillor of war - Konig - k277,341-342.
  7. ELLER-ELBERSTEIN, BARON (LORD) von (d. 1834), Lieutenant Colonel - Neuer Nekr. - 277,343.

The following short biographical sketches of each of the above come from DEUTSCHES BIOGRAPHISCHER ARCHIV:

ELLER, ANDREAS, b. 8 Sept. 1800 in Kaltenbrunn, legitimate son of farmer and owner of farm stead, J.E., brought up by maternal grandfather Reichenbecker, an excellent therapist for fractures of the leg, instructed by the local clergyman in Get-man and Latin language, (1816-17), Two and one half years at the country medical school there, then for 3 years Philosophy and Medicine at Erlangen, during the winter of 1822-23, at Wurzaburg for clinical and surgical studies, during the summer of 1823 yet another one-half year at the school for surgery there, appointed surgeon first class at Kaltenbrunn, at the same time diligently studying Latin and Graeek classics, after taking public exam, graduated from Gymnasium of Munnerstadt, during summer of 31 again frequenter of clinic of Wurzburg, after oral and written public exam Doctor of Medicine in 1831, under guidance of Physikats (faculty) medical practical training at Kaltenbrunn in 1832-33, fall 1833 passed examinataion with honor in Munchen, consequently employed to practice all branches of Medicine, Surgery and Obstetrics in Kaltenbrunn.

  1. Thesis medical, surgical and obstretical. Wire, 1831.8.
  2. About regeneration of new bone substance following wounds, fractures, gangrene (bone atrophy) and bone burns. Wire 32.8.

Jack Heinrich Joachim: Second pantheon of Bamberg's literates and artists. 2. Edition 1844.


ELLER, ELIAS, manufacturer, founder of sect, d. 1750 (ADB VI, 50, an illusionist and Mayor of Ronsdorf in the duchy of Berg, was born there in 1690, learned ribbon weaving and worked in Ellerfeld, because of his slyness acquired such high reputation that the King of Prussia then appointed him agent of the Protestant churches in Julich and Berg, but the electoral prince of the Palatinate appointed him first Mayor of the newly founded city of Ronsdor-f. Prior to this, around 17'-?6, he already had founded the well known Ronsdorf sect of. . . which Eller regarded. . . as Christianity and he possessed a number of divine revelations. See HOROR OF DEVASTATION AT SACRED PLACE, or 'SECRETS OF EVIL of the Ronsdorf sect. Frankfurt and Leipzig, 1750, 4. Ellet- died on 16th May 1750. Schmersahls recently deceased Gel.(scholars) Volume 2, page 378.

Jocher, Christian Gotlieb: General encyclopedia of scholars. Continuations and supplements of J.C. Adelung. Volume 2. 1787.

Hirsehing, Friedrich Carl Gottlob: Historical-literary reference book. Volume 2. 1795.

ELLER, GEORG AUGUST, b. 1816 in Gluckstadt, studied medicine, received doctorate of medicine at Kiel in 1840, was general practitioner in Kaltenkirchen and became physician in Husum in 1865.

Alberti, Eduard:Encyclopedia of Schieswig-Holstein-Lauenburg and Eutinischen Authors from 1829 to mid-1866- 1. section (1867)

ELLER, JOHANN THEODOR, Doctor of Medicine, court councellor and first personal physician. Director of the Berlin Medical College for Surgery, also member of the Royal Academy of Science there. Was born in 1689 in Pleskau, Arnhalt-Bernburg area, became -First personal physician in 1735 and Councellor and Director of the College of Medicine in 1755. He died on 13 Sept. 1760. His writings on medical subjects extensive.

ELLER, LUDWIG (LOUIS) Violin virtuoso and composer, born in Graz around 1825. Developed his significant talent early, went on concert tours to perfect his talent and also be heard publically; his first journey was to the south of France, also his second trip in 1850 took him to Paris in fact. There he performed before private circles at first, but later, after he gained favorable publicity he pet-formed at La Salle on Nov. 15 of the same year, where the top music experts of Paris were among the audience. His success was dazzling. Now he went to Toulouse, Pau, Grenoble, and in Dec. 1851 he was in the capital of Spain. There he spent the winter of 18'@l and '52 and gave brilliant concerts. From Madrid he journeyed to Saragossa, Barcelona and thenaccepted an invitation from the Dutchess of Montpensier to come to Seville, where on Aug. 25, 1852 he gave a brillant concert in which Gottschalk also played a part. In Sept. of the same year he arrived at Lisbon, played before the Queen and celebrated the same successes. Beginning in Dec. the same year he returned to France and from that time on he stayed in Paris a great deal or visited his home country while on concert tours through Germany. An excellent virtuoso, particularity his double-stop, and because of the power and depth of his play, he was also successful as a composer. Of his own compositions he presented PHANTASY ABOUT THE ABC by Mozart; - variations of GOD SAVE THE QUEEN: VALSE DIABOLIQUE, and his favorite, AIRS STYRIENS which he Presented as delightfully as his Spanish melodies. He died at Pau in the Pyrenees on 12 July 1862 after many years of suffering.


ELLER, WOLFGANG ERNST von, Privy Counsellor of War, General Staff Officer, Colonel in charge of two regiments, Governor of fortresses Minden and Sparenberg, District Bailiff of the County Ravensberg, heir to Lobach, Bustedt and Kaltenhof.

He was barn in the Minden area where his parents, Jobst Herrman von Eller, heir t6 Lobach, and Dorothea von Wulffeng resided on their properties. By 1649 he already was Captain of Cavalry, arrived in Berlin in Oct. of the same year along with Colonel Joseph von Kahler, accompanied by six cavalry companies from the Cleveschen region and with them escorted the Electoral Princess via Kustrin to Prussia. In 1656 he was present during the 3 day battle at Warschau, and in 1658, while on the march to the Holstein region, the Electoral Prince of Husum appointed him Major-General on the 8th of Oct. 1658. On 20 Feb. 1676 orders were sent to the Minden government stating that Major-General von Eller has a seat and a vote in the Minden government and will represent the interests of the Electoral Prince concerning military, state and civilian matters. He died at Pyrmont in August 1680, and he had been married to Juliane Charlotte von Kalthun, called Leuchtmar, future stewardess to Princess von Radzivil, several children were born to them.

Konig, Anton Balthasar: Biographical Encyclopedia of All Heros and Military Persons in the Prussian Service. Vol. 1, 1788.

ELLER-EBERSTEIN, BARON von, Prussian Lieutenant Colonel a. D., Knight of the Iron Cross and various other medals. died Feb. 1834 at Pr. Minden.


"This lovely, vivacious, and busy lady is the originator of the idea to form an Eller Family Association recruited us to the cause. Her energy, drive and business-like approach is an inspiration to all who come to know this talented ELLER."
Juanita and Gerald Eller
Charlotte Kathryn Eller Marshall:

Born 20 March 1931, in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas to John William Carl Eller and Lola Florence Russell Eller, the fifth of six children.

Attended grade school in Otis, New Mexico and Carlsbad, New Mexico. Junior High in Los Angeles, Calif. and high school in Cottage Grove, Oregon.

Spent early adult life rearing 4 children, Rebecca, Kenneth, Bob and Ginny. Lived in Cottage Grove, Redmond and Ontario, Oregon before moving to Boise, Idaho for a period of 5 years, then back to Oregon.

In 1964 started work as a beginning bookkeeper for a small, independent bank, advancing over the years to Executive Secretary, Operations Officer and Accounting Supervisor. Left the work force to enjoy traveling with husband Jack, in his travels as a bank examiner.

Interests and hobbies: Quilt making, needlework, gardening and flowers, genealogy.

Activities: Spend time on genealogy, Eller Family Assoc. correspondence, sew, crochet, knit, do Brazilian Embroidery, an avid reader, volunteer 5 to 10 hours a week on a 24 hour crisis hotline, attend adult education courses and enjoy 6 grandchildren.

Unfulfilled dream; attend college to study anthropology and archeology.

Dream come true: Helping organize the Eller Family Association. This has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.


Photocopy of Charolotte K Eller Marshall's ancestor chart




  1. Membership in THE ELLER FAMILY ASSOCIATION (hereinafter referred to as EFA) shall be open to all persons, and organizations subscribing to its purposes and paying the annual dues.
  2. Any member may withdraw from membership by filing his/her resignation with the Secretary of EFA, or by nonpayment of dues.
  3. Any member may be removed, with or without cause, at any meeting by a two-thirds vote of the membership in attendance at a duly constituted meeting.


  1. Annual dues shall be set by the Board of Directors and shall be payable by November 1. Membership dues shall include four quarterly issues of THE ELLER CHRONICLES for the following year. Dues of members joining during the year shall be for the full year, without proration. Prior issues of THE ELLER CHRONICLES for the current year will be mailed to new members. THE ELLER CHRONICLES of prior years shall be made available to new members at cost per copy and to nonmembers for a nominal fee.
  2. Annual dues shall be $15.00 subject to change by Board.
  3. Donor members are those who pay $35.00 annually.
  4. Sustaining members are those who pay $100.00 annually
  5. .
  6. Honorary Life Members are those whose contributions to the EFA in time and effort are so outstanding as to be so recognized by the Board and are thereafter exempt from annual dues.
  7. Charter Members are those who were accepted for membership before November 1, 1988.
  8. Contributions other than dues shall be acceptable at any time.
  9. The Board of Directors must approve in advance any special fund raising appeal made in the name of EFA.



  1. Regular membership meetings may be held every other year at the call of the Board of Directors and when possible such meeting shall be held in conjunction with an EFA reunion, at a time and place of their choosing. The goal will be to hold meetings in the East, West and middle regions of the U.S.
  2. Regular membership meetings shall be duly constituted when the following criteria are met:
    1. at least 30 members be present, 10 of whom shall be Ellers by birth;
    2. at least 50 per cent of those present bear a relation to another member in attendance that is no closer than second cousin;
    3. at least 4 states are represented;
    4. a quorum shall consist of 30 members, plus at least three members of the Board of Directors.
  3. The membership meeting of EFA shall include the election of officers, the President's annual report, adoption of the annual budget, and other business as may properly come before the meeting.
  4. Notice of meeting shall:
    1. be announced in the quarterly newsletter;
    2. if sent to each member by mail be postmarked at least 60 days before the scheduled date of the meeting;
    3. include a proposed budget, and an agenda.
  5. Meeting of the Board of Directors shall be held as provided in Article V.


  1. The officers shall consist of a President, Vice-President Secretary/Treasurer.
  2. Officers shall be members in good standing and shall also serve as Directors. They shall serve for a term of two years. Officers may be re-elected for up to two additional terms, but thereafter shall be eligible for the same office only after two intervening years.
  3. Nominees for offices shall be proposed by a committee of three or more members appointed by the President six months prior to the regular annual meeting. The nominations may be made by a petition of at least 20 members or from the floor of the membership meeting . Nominees must have agreed to serve (in that capacity) prior to being nominated. The names and proposed office of committee nominees shall be included in the notice of election of officers.
  4. A vacancy in any office may be filled by the Board of Directors pending the next meeting.
  5. The duties of the officers shall be substantially as provided herein, with such others as may be appropriate and fixed by the Board of Directors from time to time.
    1. The President shall preside over membership and Board meetings; carry out the policies of EFA; appoint committee chairpersons; make an annual report; and shall oversee the committees.
    2. The Vice-President shall fulfill the duties of the President, in the latter's absence or disability, and shall promote the policies of EFA.
    3. The Secretary/Treasurer shall record and transcribe the minutes of all meetings; maintain a permanent minute book and a current roster of committee members. He/she shall promote and maintain the membership of the EFA, and shall be custodian of all records exclusive of those that pertain to the work of the Editor of the EFA newsletter. The Secretary shall receive all official inquiries to EFA other than those specifically directed to other officers or members of the Board. The sec/treasurer shall deposit and account for all monies; be custodian of any petty cash account; make appropriate disbursements by check; keep the account books and make quarterly reports to the membership in the newsletter.

  6. -139-


    1. The officers, chairpersons of all committees and at-large directors shall constitute the Board of Directors.
    2. The terms of service governing officers shall apply to all other members of the Board of Directors.
    3. The Board of Directors shall, subject to the direction of the membership:
      1. Approve of all programs and projects to advance the purposes of EFA.
      2. Direct the expenditure of monies to further the purposes of EFA.
      3. Provide for the audit of the Treasurer's books.
      4. Meet once a year, if practicable, or every other year in conjunction with the regular meeting.
      5. Have the general direction and supervision of the affairs of EFA.
    4. A quorum of the Board shall consist of three Board members plus one of the elected officers. All Board meetings shall be publicized and open to the members of EFA.



    1. The President may provide for such committees as is deemed necessary, and for their mission, size and tenure. A committee shall dissolve when its mission has been accomplished or upon expiration of its designated term. Committee chairpersons shall be members of the Board of Directors during their tenure, and subject to the terms of service governing Directors.


    The By-Laws may be amended at any membership meeting by two-thirds of those present and voting. The notice of the proposed amendment shall be sent to all members in the newsletter prior to the meeting, or at least 30 days prior to the meeting if sent by mail.


    1. Robert's Rules of Order (revised) shall govern the parliamentary procedure in matters not covered by these By-Laws.
    2. Voting in Board of Director and in regular and special membership meetings may be done by written proxy. Proxies to be filed with the Sec/Treasurer and number of votes verified prior to meeting. Members voting by proxy should send signed and dated proxy to Officer or Board Member of their choice.
    3. State and/or Regional chapters of EFA may be formed providing they abide by the purpose and By-Laws of EFA and are otherwise in accord with the policies of the Board of Directors.


    HOLSHOUSER REUNION Saturday, August 20, 1988 Grace Lower Stone UCC Church, Beatty Ford Road and Lower Stone Church Road, near Salisbury, Rowan County, North Carolina. Register 5:00 p.m., dinner 6:00 p.m. Bring picnic lunch. Plates, cups, napkins, utensils, ice tea and lemonade will be furnished. Tour of the church, cemetery and history room. If you have any family information you will share with us, it will be displayed.

    The Paul Holshouser family is in charge. Patricia Bonds Beck, 1406 Lincolnton Road, Salisbury., NC 28144 (704) 633-7633. All Holshouser descendants invited.

    AN ANSWER TO A QUERY by Charlotte Eller Marshall

    605 S.E. Park Ave., Corvallis, OR 97333

    In December 1987 Sally Binsfield of St. Cloud, MN sent the following query:

    Last summer my sister stopped at Crazy Horse Mountain in South Dakota. A restaurant called "Laughing Water" displays this message on a sign.

    "Laughing Water restaurant gets it's name from the bubbling brook named by the Indians, which has it's headquarters at the base of Crazy Horse Mt. and flowed beneath and thru Custer. During the decade of the 1930's the section of Laughing Water that runs thru the original Eller Homestead was a source of water for miles around". Does anyone know about this?

    I wrote the Custer County Chamber of Commerce, who passed the letter to Ruth Ziolkowski, widow of Korczak Ziolkowski. Mrs. Ziolkowski wrote the attached letter in answer.

    The 1880 census record of Custer County, South Dakota was incomplete and frustrating to work with. I found no Eller listed. At the end of the list was a message: Most of the men and boys are on cattle drives, or rounding up cattle. Traveled 100 miles today without contacting anyone. In some cases Nebraska and Wyoming census takers have already covered the area.

    Evidently the census taker gave up on Custer County at that point. To date I have not followed up by searching the census of the area taken by Nebraska or Wyoming.

    Is there a descendant of William Eller, who homesteaded in Custer County, South Dakota, out there???



    Mrs. Charlotte Eller Marshall
    Eller Family Association
    605 S. E. Park Avenue
    Corvallis, OR 97333

    Dear Mrs. Marshall:

    In response to your letter of January 5, we have the following information about the Eller Homestead that might interest you.

    William Eller came to the Custer, South Dakota area between 1877 and 1880 to work in a tin mine He homesteaded about five miles north of Custer on Laughing Water Creek. When Korczak Ziolkowski came to South Dakota in 1947, he purchased the old Eller ranch which is now within the confines of the Crazy Horse Memorial. Some of the original buildings remain in place here.

    Laughing Water Restaurant, of course, is named for the Creek which flows by the Memorial.

    Enclosed is a brochure about Crazy Horse Memorial. The Eller Ranch itself is located east and adjacent to the Memorial.

    According to one local historian who is no longer living the Eller ranch is the second oldest building in the Custer area. The Eller ranch became the property of Ira Willey, now deceased, from whom Mr. Ziolkowski purchased it. A smaller piece of property adjacent to the ranch owned by Mr. Eller's nephews, the Forans, was also purchased by Mr. Ziolkowski.



    Ruth Ziolkowski
    (Mrs. korczak Ziolkowski)

    P.S.: Your letter was given to me to answer by the Custer County Chamber of Commerce.


    "When the legends die, the dreams end; when the dreams end, there is no more greatness." - Korczak, SC.

    A graphic of this page, showing the Letter Head, (185kb)



    From Patricia B. Beck, 1406 Lincolnton Rd., Salisbury, NC 28144:

    Would like to hear from any descendant of JACOB ELLER who married first MARY EVE KETCHIE and JOHN MELCHER ELLER, Jacob's brother who was married to Elizabeth Ketchie, Mary Eve's sister. I am writing a Ketchie family history and would like to include any information on these families.

    From Jean Walker Matthews, 11438 Seabrook Way, Cypress, CA 90630:

    Would like to correspond with descendants of FREDERICK GARST 11 and SUSANNAH "LUNNAR" ELLER ( daughter of Jacob and Magdalene Eller). My SUSANNAH "LUNNAR" ELLER GARST died ca 1820-1827, probably in Botetourt Co., VA.


    Cathie Hargreaves
    124 Larch St.
    Saginaw, MI 48602
    George Michael Eller d. 1778
    Peter Eller ca 1746-1799
    Jacob A. Eller 1776-1855
    Sarah Eller 1817-1841
    Elizabeth Miller 1840-1886
    Rosa A. Welch 1881-1953
    Velva Gay Dougherty
    14910 S.E. 43rd
    Bellevue, WA. 98006
    Jacob Eller d. 8 Dec. 1886 m. Malinda E. Rash d.12 Mar. 1907 both died Parsons, Kansas
    Levi Allen Eller d. Aug. 22,1945 Helena, Mont.
    Sidney Clay Lovette
    Rt. 2, Box 284
    Moravian Falls, NC 28654
    Susanna Eller b. ca 1815, Rowan Co.,NC. d. ca 1895 Wilkes Co.
    Luther E. Roberts
    16871 Clinton Ave.
    San Leandro, CA 94578
    Adam Eller
    Joseph P. Eller
    William Elbert Eller
    Susan Cora (Eller) Roberts
    Sandra E. Currin
    402 Keith Hills Rd.
    Lillington, NC 27546
    Peter Eller 1746-1799
    John Eller 1767-1823
    Absolem Eller 1803-1879
    John Ashley Eller 1824-
    Anderson U. Eller 1871-1929 m. Sarah P. Eller 1877-1951
    James Melvin Eller
    1907-A West Jay
    Pasco, WA 99301
    Henry Eller;
    John Eller (11 Dec. 1840-Jun 1916 m. Hattie Miller, 8 children);
    Ader E. Eller (7 Nov 1873-28 Dec 1958, b. Grant Co., IN, d. Rockford, ND); info to share on Jacob Eller b. 1765 and his family and Andrew Eller b. 1819 Roanoke VA and Jacob Gebel or Cable entered U.S. in 1746
    Jean Walker Matthews
    11438 Seabrook Way
    Cypress, CA 90630
    Frederick Garst 11 and Susannah "Lunnar" Eller
    Mrs. Ethiel B. Johnson
    15834 Drysdale
    Southgate, MI 48195
    Family lines: Eller, Eddleman, Goodman, Dick, Terry


    Persons wishing to be listed as a researcher please send name, address and the Eller lines you are researching to Charlotte Eller Marshall, 605 S.E. Park Ave., Corvallis, OR 97333. Happy Hunting!

    ELLER FAMILY AND RELATIONS IN GROVELAND NR. PEORIA, ILL., VIA NEW YORK STATE Out of Wonsheim, Hesse-Darmstadt nr. Rheinhessen, Germany; from records (reformed) Evang. Church, Wonsheim.

    m.1695-10-6 W. JOHANN
    b.1715-7-7 PHILIP
    ANNA ELIZb.1747-9-6 W.JOHANNES
    M. 1772-5-31 W.ELLER
    FRANZb. 1783-8-21JOHANNES
    JULIANA MARIAm. 1807-4-28 W.
    b. 1748-3-18 W.ANNA M.
    b. 1786-6-4- W.
    d. 1864PETER


    This chart precedes but interconnects with the chart p. 17, Vol.,II, No. 1, THE ELLER CHRONICLES, Feb. 1988.



    1060 Capella Drive 211 Market St.
    Tavares, FL 32778New Cumberland, PA 17070

    We appeal to all members to send names and addresses of prospective new members to Charlotte Eller Marshall. 60S S.E. Park Ave., Corvallis, OR 97333.


    Prof. Dr. K. Napp-Zinn and Georg Eller of West Germany have placed an announcement in several German Genealogical Journals concerning the Association, The Eller Chronicles, and the Eller Family Conference. This assistance to the Eller Family Association is gratefully acknowledged. The Eller name is much more common in Germany than in the U.S. and we may be close to establishing communication with a great many more members of the Eller families of West Germany. It is only a matter of time and continued effort before we find the connections between early Eller immigrants to the U.S. and their kinsmen in Germany.


    34755 Row River Rd.7712 East Paul Ave.
    Cottage Groove, OR97424 , CA 93612

    (.Eds. note: If through oversight we have failed to publish the name and address of a new member or a change in the address of a member, please inform us.)


    (Eds. note: We apologize for some problems in photocopying and collating the May issue of The Eller Chronicles. Some pages were cut off at the top. We will be pleased to replace any defective pages if you will let us know. Also, some of the pictures were poorly photocopied. We are running the same pictures again in the Jay Vernard Eller story and hope for better results this time.)


    TREASURER'S REPORT * * * * * * Charlotte Eller Marshall

    Balance in account 31 March 1988$1,409.51
    membership & newsletters$ 48.00+ 48.00
    May issue Chronicles $377.75
    roll postage stamps25.00
    Total expense$402.75- 402.75
    Balance in account 30 June 1988$1,054.76

    To all members of the ELLER FAMILY ASSOCIATION:

    I would like to express a heartfelt "THANK YOU" to each member who agreed to serve the EFA as directors. It is my hope they will find as much satisfaction and fulfillment in working with this group as I do.

    Each one answered my letter with enthusiasm. This enthusiasm will insure the continuity and longevity of the Eller Family Association.

    Juanita ReutzR. Vance Eller
    Kathy Schoen Thomas Wm. Flanagan, Jr.
    Vernard & Phyllis Eller Byron H. Eller
    A. William Eller

    Vernard and Phyllis came up with the excellent idea of husband and wife team acting as director. This follows the example of Gerald and Juanita as co-editors of the newsletter.

    Byron is compiling a file of all Ellers who served in the Civil War. This file will include name, rank, unit, state and county, whether Union or Confederate. Such a file will serve our members, and will be of great genealogical value in a very short time.

    Byron will organize this information by state and begin publishing in the near future. He plans to feature a report on an individual soldier, along with names of other soldiers, perhaps from the same state or county in future issues.

    Be sure your ancestor is included! Send your information (along with copies of any records) to:

    Byron H. Eller
    6507 Jack Hill Drive
    Oroville, CA 95966.

    (Pages 148 and 149 were not included in my issue, so there is no President/Editors page and nothing on the International Eller Family Conference hare )


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